Александр Олешко станет ведущим шоу «Ты супер! Танцы»
Know where the actor went from the First channel.

Alexander Oleshko

Photo: Press-service of NTV

NTV has announced that
leading a new international contest “You’re super! Dancing” will be Alexander
Oleshko. Vadim Takmenev will be the leading vocal of the program “You rock!”,
the second season which starts next year.

The new project will help children,
left without parental care to make the first steps in the dance world. In
special project and leading specific tasks. Alexander Oleshko will not
only keep a talent show, but also to help the young participants to cope with
excitement to support them on stage.

working with and for children in a variety of projects, films and TV programs
accompany me for a long time. “You’re super! Dancing” — a unique project of NTV, which
I want to be involved! For many years, being the host of a popular television show
different format, I always tried to become for participants of the protector support,
companion and friend. For children especially! In childhood I myself, dreaming of becoming
artist worked in different studios, clubs. Including dancing. And
spent some time in a group of children of the legendary dance
ensemble “JOC”. So I know firsthand how important a kind word and
support. Want our young dancers opened, showed everything
they are capable of. Each of them — super!”, commented by Alexander Oleshko.