Джуд Лоу переживает непростой период со своей девушкой
The famous actor has frankly told about the new relationship.

Jude law and Phillip Koan


Jude law, who has been
the reputation of a ladies ‘ man, believe I have finally settled down. Right now
with 44-year-old actor and 31-year-old Phillip Koan, psychologist,
specializing in fashionable now a theme of the interaction of psychology and the problems
environment. Ambitious, smart and self-sufficient beauty is absolutely
charmed actor. And the fact that it has nothing to do with show business and not torn
to use a famous lover in career goals, became an additional
bonuses. Their affair lasts for two years, Phillip is familiar with Jude’s parents and his
children, they often go out together for walks.

“It is mine, and
more draw. Only mine, says Jude law. — I am very happy, it
true. And largely this happiness is made possible and real due to the fact that
Phillip appreciates his personal space. She doesn’t want to make private
life in the public eye. As I never, I hope, will not allow
my and only my personal Affairs became public. So our
relations with Phillipou very personal in the literal sense of the word. I am sure that after
all my crises and error is the best option. During the “Talented Mr.
Ripley” I was a terrible idealist and an optimist. Thought me no dirt
does not affect.

Well, when they broke up my marriage around was uniform
crazy. Like in my armour found a crack and began to try to pull out
to get through it all the dirt… When I started Dating Sienna Miller, in my
the garden near the house around the clock lived by the paparazzi. Poor, she had a hard time… Well
no wonder I was in the list of those whose phones have been illegal
the wire. In my opinion, many were happy to trample me in the mud and
kick the lying Shoe with thick soles… I think I always was
something that causes particular irritation and the desire to dig a little deeper to kick
me stronger. Although, maybe it’s just my paranoia… And well if I get blamed
and kicked for the sins that I committed in the private sphere. But it happened
even so, just printed my photos as I come back
home — and because my facial expressions were attributed to me
any of the most unthinkable things! So no, no more publicity! We
Phillipou have right now. But we try to build our

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Jude law, click here.