Became known the details of the romantic journey of Prince Harry with his beloved

Стали известны подробности романтического путешествия принца Гарри с его любимой
Younger brother William developed the risky route.

Стали известны подробности романтического путешествия принца Гарри с его любимой

Prince Harry


Meghan Markle


Prince Harry has done everything to travel around Africa where he flew to
last week with my fiancee Meghan Markle, remembered her for a long time. Route
voyage Harry began to develop for a long time and have tried to consider all the details.
Because he beloved was not a tourist tour of Europe, and the full
the dangers of wildlife in Botswana.

Besides, to begin the journey through Africa was with the celebration
36-th birthday Megan. And to feast in one of the hotels passed
really fun, Harry managed to arrange visit to Botswana group
his friends. How to say Markle was very happy with the way her day of birth.

However, further route Harry
paved in places far from civilization. The main point of the visit was
the Okavango Delta, where one of the most important sanctuaries in Africa.
Moreover, the Prince and his beloved decided to paddle down the Okavango in a boat
to sleep under the stars. Of course, they went on a journey not alone, but in
accompanied by a local guide. However, if you consider that inhabit the reserve
elephants, rhinos and such serious predators like lions and leopards, voyage Harry and
his girlfriend looks quite safe.

By the way, Harry admitted before,
he believes Botswana my second home. “I first came here in 1997,
shortly after my mom’s death. And this is where I feel the greatest degree
himself, than anywhere else on earth!” — said the Prince.