Alexander Nosik told the guest about the marriage with the new girl

Александр Носик рассказал о гостевом  браке с новой девушкой The actor is in awe of cooking beloved. Alexander Nosik maintains that Anastasiya Kraynova masterfully prepares the soup. Wife Olga, with whom he is not yet divorced, the actor was accused of excessive interest in the career.

A couple of months ago it became known that the star of the series “Return of Mukhtar” Alexander the Spout broke up with his wife Olga and began to meet the former member of the group “Tutsi” Anastasia kranovoj. Alexander and Anastasia some time argued that they share exceptionally creative and friendly relations, and the wife of the Spout tried to keep up, stating to reporters that she and the actor have parted temporarily. Spouse Alexander Nosik spoke about the divorce

However, now that it’s become too obvious, Nose, and Krainov pleaded a couple and even gave a joint interview. Anastasiya Kraynova said that is irrelevant to the collapse of the family of his beloved.

“I’ve always had a taboo affair with a married man. And in a previous relationship cheated on me young man. The girl he had the affair, knew about my existence, know that we’ve been Dating for six years. I was very hurt. So be assured: nothing to casinogo collapse of marriage do not have”, – said the singer.

Lovers admitted that their current relationship can be considered a guest marriage. Together, they are not yet live, but when both returned from a tour, feel absolutely as husband and wife. KRA brews Spout borscht than leads him into rapture. To be the same for a long time together in love, according to a Spout, yet is contraindicated.

“Nastia nature brutal, and I don’t sugar. So while spread the romantic messages sometimes get from Nastya in the neck if not take the phone… But when I come to her, feeding me delicious soup…

…And I just Berezovsky people, can one eat. Scares me one. Now, our brief separation is a plus. But in my marriage with Olga it the in-betweens played a destructive role,” admitted Alexander Nosik.

Analyzing his relationship with his wife, the actor came to the conclusion that they were ruined by her excessive career, Olga is engaged in producing television, shows. The nose wanted to have his wife waiting for him at home, and not gone on mission at the time, when he returns from a tour.

“At some point Olga said I was jealous of her success. And I didn’t like her constant travel. The important role played by jealousy. Where she is, with whom? After all, these businesses are mainly engaged in men. And the wife with them somewhere travels… Maybe I’m selfish, I’m the owner, but when you lack the basic heat, what to do? I’m sure Olya has not changed, she is a man of honor. But I began to rile, to encourage… you Know, just couldn’t accept such a way of life. But I’m a man and, unfortunately, incorrigible,” admitted Alexander Nosik in interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.