“Charmed” 11 years later: why the stars of the show disappeared from screens

«Зачарованные» 11 лет спустя: почему звезды сериала навсегда исчезли с экранов In 2006, the Russians saw the last series exciting film about sister witches. Many actors, beloved by domestic audiences, no longer appear in the movie. The lives of famous artists of the film were different. For the most part in a mystical painting became a major in his career.
«Зачарованные» 11 лет спустя: почему звезды сериала навсегда исчезли с экранов

Piper, Prue and Phoebe. These are the names of the main characters of the series was in 1998 at the hearing at all. Quality serial mystical film about witches, saving the world from evil, has found its audience not only in his native America but also overseas. The success of the first season led to the shooting of seven parts, and all waited with interest for the appearance of the new series. But after the heady success in the movie, many actors disappeared from the screens along with the latest episode. Exactly 11 years ago on may 21, the series ceased to exist. “StarHit” decided to talk about how there was the fate of the characters and what the actors are doing now.

The Shannon Doherty

The life of 46-year-old actress, who became popular after the TV series “Beverly hills 90210”, is not strewn with roses. The project “Enchanted” in which Doherty got the role of the main witch was essentially the last serious work. After filming vergere and private celebrity life began a black stripe.

«Зачарованные» 11 лет спустя: почему звезды сериала навсегда исчезли с экранов

First Shenon twice unsuccessfully married. Two divorces and constant litigation broke the strong spirit of the girl. The second blow was much worse – the star was shocked to find out that barren. And the peak of the misery was the news about the terrible disease – celebrity was diagnosed with breast cancer. Actress, unlike many colleagues, did not try to hide it from the public. On the contrary, Shannon regularly wrote in social networks, at what stage of treatment is. A year ago, she even posted on Instagram a video in which the mother and sister shave her hair. Numerous courses of chemotherapy, rehabilitation, trying to return to normal life through yoga – the fans watched every step of the idol.

Last month, the star of “Charmed” pleased the fans, saying great news about remission. The disease has receded, and the actress hopes that will soon recover. Members also believe that a series of failures the lovely Shannon will stop, and it will please their new role.

Alyssa Milano

The actress after “Bewitched” left the movie, but memorable images on the screen is no longer created. The star admitted that she suffers from a number of ailments which interfere with her professional business. For example, she had trouble filming because of the fear of water. The celebrity also faced the rare phenomenon of dyslexia. At this illness the person is partially lost the ability to read and write, which is very complicated Alyssa work during the voice acting of the series.

«Зачарованные» 11 лет спустя: почему звезды сериала навсегда исчезли с экранов

Films in which the actress lit up after the famous Saga of witches can be called passing roles. Instead, Milano found a way to be useful to society. Celebrity appointed an Ambassador for the “Global network for neglected tropical diseases”. In the campaign to fight this terrible illness star invested $ 250,000. Good things popular personality did not end there. 12 years ago she was recognized as a goodwill Ambassador for the UN Children’s Fund from the United States.

Today, the actress along with her husband, sports agent David Bugliari has two children and continues to act in films. Movies with her participation to appear on the screen every two or three years, though to repeat the success of “Charmed” star is not impossible.

Holly Mary Combs

The fate of the performer of the role of one of the sisters too, it was not always smooth. So, Holly got married three times. The woman every husband saw hope for a peaceful and happy family life. As a result, were the court to divorce and demand custody of the child.

«Зачарованные» 11 лет спустя: почему звезды сериала навсегда исчезли с экранов

Today Mary Combs three children. Movie career also went into decline. A few years ago, the star has decided to apply in person reception. Becoming popular due to her role in the series “Charmed”, she tried to create their own show on TV, but no program has found its audience.

Meanwhile, filmmakers have not lost the interest in celebrities. She was invited in many TV series, however, after the samples were reduced to minor roles.

Brian Krause

After the success in the series, handsome brown waited for the real test of strength. Several times he was in such dire financial Straits that I was forced to take menial jobs to feed his family. So, blond with blue eyes who was in love with all the female fans of the series, has worked as a bartender and truck driver.

«Зачарованные» 11 лет спустя: почему звезды сериала навсегда исчезли с экранов

The actor was married and had a son. But after five years of marriage the couple filed for divorce. Becoming idle, Krause had an affair with his partner on the series – by Alyssa Milano. But their relationship did not last long. At the peak of popularity of the actor’s fans found out that Hollywood Directors are planning to make a film about Brian. However, after it became clear that this was only a rumor. Currently, the celebrity is more work in the theater. In the movie, practically withdrawn. The star apparently decided to forget about movies as seriously engaged in the development of a new profession – the Builder.

Rose McGowan

Rose showed his talent to the fullest. After the success of the series “Charmed” she decided not to rely on happy accident, and to build a career in Hollywood.

«Зачарованные» 11 лет спустя: почему звезды сериала навсегда исчезли с экранов

First, the singer got into a clip of Marilyn Manson, Coma White, and then had an affair with the flamboyant musician and took up the career of a singer. However, the first album McGowan came out only two years ago.

In 2007, the actress has had an accident. She got in an accident. Glass glasses hurt her eyes and part of his face. The star had to do some plastic surgeries. However, a strong spirit rose did not give up. When the actress realized that he was not spoiling her interesting proposals, we decided to create a painting. In 2014, she released the short film “Dawn.” Her directorial talent is praised by critics, calling the woman a second David Lynch.

Julian McMahon

Handsome man broke into the movie like a hurricane. The man with the perfect, stunning appearance, worked in the major model agencies, immediately embraced by the audience. The Director of the series John Kreczmer planned to give the role of Julian in only one season, but left it in other parts.

«Зачарованные» 11 лет спустя: почему звезды сериала навсегда исчезли с экранов

After success in television film McMahon became extremely popular and successful. Release from sentences was not. The actor starred in dozens of films. It is noteworthy that 20 tapes he played himself.

The personal life of the artist was also stormy. Julian had an affair with a partner on the series – Shanen Doherty. After the couple broke up, a celebrity married to singer Donna Minogue. A year later they divorced. The star married two more times. And only the third attempt to start a family failed. McMahon decided to get married only after 11 years of relationship with Kelly Paniagua.

Jennifer Rhodes

The actress is incredibly popular in its 85 years. Today, Jennifer works as a fashion model. The Agency recognized her as one of the most successful in the business. In adulthood Rhodes remains attractive, sophisticated and has its own inimitable style and charm.

«Зачарованные» 11 лет спустя: почему звезды сериала навсегда исчезли с экранов

The role of grams in the TV series “Charmed” is literally defined her further destiny. Performance aunt had to face the star, and in the future, the Directors and invited her to the movies in the role of mothers, aunts and grandmothers. But his own heirs actress to baby-sit failed. Many years ago, the Hollywood star admitted that can not have children.

«Зачарованные» 11 лет спустя: почему звезды сериала навсегда исчезли с экранов

Finola Hughes

The English actress is successful in everything: in addition to her acting career, she worked in the role of Director, producer, entrepreneur, dancer, and fashion designer.

In the TV series “Charmed” she got a place of honor – to play a mother of three witches. To be content with this success, Hughes was not and after he filmed the last season, immediately went on TV. She participated in the show “All my children” and received two awards “Emmy”.

After 2000, Finola launched its TV project “How do I look?”. The model and designer has a story to tell to the viewer. The program immediately scored high ratings. The actress has a happy marriage with her husband, photographer Russell young. At the peak of popularity on TV star gave birth to a child.