Ksenia Tsaritsyn: weekdays wife Samara oligarch in Dubai

Ксения Царицына: будни жены самарского олигарха в Дубае Ksenia Tsaritsyn intriguing fans with generous gifts from their spouse. Microblogging model many followers envy – a young woman admired the chiseled figure, gorgeous photoshoots and holidays in prestigious resorts. Despite the fact that she has two children, household problems do not reach it.
Ксения Царицына: будни жены самарского олигарха в Дубае

Famous model Ksenia Tsaritsyn recently surprised subscribers gorgeous gift of her husband – her husband gave a diamond ring 70 carats. A man so loves his wife that spend money on surprises and pulls fabulous money in order to please your companion. Jewelry, luxury cars, trips to expensive resorts – this is not everything that is beautiful Ksenia Tsaritsyn. The wife of the Russian oligarch boasted diamond in 70 carat

However, the road to luxury for girls was difficult. Tsaritsyn was born in an ordinary family in Omsk, however, then it bore the name of their parents – Bondarenko. When Xenia was six years old, she and her mom and dad moved to Novosibirsk. From a young age the girl showed itself in different areas – were engaged in acting, choreography, singing, volleyball. In the seven years they were in school models. In recognition of Xenia, to learn the art of catwalk sent her mother. It was she who decided that appearance, thinness and high growth – the key to success in the modeling business.

Despite the fact that she was making headway in the fashion industry, she decided to pursue higher education and enrolled in the Siberian Independent Institute in the direction of “linguist-translator”. A year later she transferred to another University. In the social network Ask.fm Xenia admitted that they graduated from University.

Ксения Царицына: будни жены самарского олигарха в Дубае

While the model met her future husband, businessman Alexey Shapovalov. The man is engaged in construction business. According to Tsaritsyno, a month later they began to live together. Then the chosen one asked Xenia to move to Samara. However, in the Volga region, the couple lived for a short time – in 2012 they went to Dubai. Despite the fact that the lovers are not married, this does not prevent their happy life. Now the couple are raising two children – four-year-old Michael and one-year-old eve.

“For my children is happiness, love and luck, a part of me and my beloved, this is a growing individual person” – speaks about kids of Xenia, Ohio.

This year the festival was celebrating its 25th anniversary. Many subscribers model with envy, consider her pictures in the microblog. On the staff, which she locates in the Internet, we can conclude that her life is a continuous celebration. The tape is full of professional pictures taken at the chic swimwear and stunning dresses. Tsaritsyn travels a lot – her favorite place can be called resorts of the côte d’azur, Maldives and other prestigious points of the globe.

Ксения Царицына: будни жены самарского олигарха в Дубае

Instead of chores on the farm Tsaritsyn happy to give advice on healthy lifestyle, she says that regularly goes to the gym, but because her figure is impossible to say that she is the mother of two children. Itself Ksenia reluctant to share pictures of his family in social networks – she tries to protect loved ones from unwanted attention.

“A senior like me, small dad. Color eyes they have formed, incomprehensible. All different say,” – talked about their heirs Tsaritsyn.

Despite the fact that the spouse of Xenia provides her luxurious life, she’s not chasing fashion brands and labels – can go shopping quite affordable brands. “As my husband says all the time: 80 percent of all money men, 70 percent spend women. Well, it’s certainly not about us. We can and in “the Dawn” dress, and any other “not luhari” stores that will appeal, and the wearable”, – explained the position of Tsaritsyn.

Despite the fact that the young woman continually suspected of plastic surgeries, she denies surgery. She admits only that sometimes stepping up the hair. But for the plump lips of Tsaritsyn thanks to good genetics.

“I was stabbed one time in my life, four years ago. And what – is unclear. I only know gialuronka, right? And so do not understand this,” said Ksenia.

Despite the fact that the model is not burdened with chores around the house and can leave children in the care of nannies, she doesn’t have many friends. Most often it is resting in the circle of his family.