Александра Назарова: «Я не могла простить сыну его смерть» By visiting the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on “Russia 1”, the actress first spoke about how she lost her heir. The only son of Alexandra Nazarova died a few years ago. The woman was left alone with his little granddaughter on his hands.
Александра Назарова: «Я не могла простить сыну его смерть»

The actress admitted that the heir grew up a difficult child and she could not give it proper attention, because many worked in film and theater. Nazarova even had some time to give the boy to an orphanage.

“Yes, it was terrible, but I helped mom. I gave it away to an English boarding school it was great school. My relationship with Mitya did not really broke. Then he had other interests, he loved motorcycles and decided to enroll in vocational schools”, – said the actress.

Nazarov said that the son is very well versed in cars and could be a good diagnostician. But Dmitri liked to drive a motorcycle at night and did not want to continue their education. Then the artist decided to send the heir to Spain. There he learned the language, but stable operation was not able to find. To ensure that the celebrity has sold the apartment of his mother. “Anything he’s doing up there. Parking was engaged… In Spanish great said and decided not to work and to live on welfare,” recalled Alexandra.

Александра Назарова: «Я не могла простить сыну его смерть»

But soon the son returned home. In Moscow, his daughter. The girl was named after the famous grandmother – Alexandra. On mother’s granddaughter Nazarov knows nothing, the actress only said that the woman died a few years ago. The son of actress adored daughter, according to Alexandra Ivanovna, the man himself changed a diaper, got up at night to the crib, cooked mixture.

When his granddaughter was two years old Dmitry died under mysterious circumstances. According to Nazarova, before the death of the son asked her for money – supposedly on business.

“I don’t know yet, honestly, what happened. The medical examination was written: “the Trace of the one shot”. It all happened on someone else’s stairs in a strange house. I was Mitya’s eternal banker with their penny earnings. He called me and said, “I need, I really need the money.” The day before his death we met. Mitya asked me to take him to the subway. In the car we argued, but then made up, kissed, and he left. The walkway to the underground, live… And the next day he was dead. I can’t remember that… it Was hard, I was angry with him – because he died,” – said Nazarov.

After the death of the only heir, the actress could not forgive him. “I asked him questions: “Why did you do that? Why did you leave me with my granddaughter, two years?!” – admitted Nazarov.

The actress decided to go to the priest. The Minister of the Church advised Nazarova to write a letter to Dmitry, it was necessary to specify that she forgives the son. Artist did. “When I have everything turned out, I was no longer angry with Mitya. I wrote to him: “I will Try to draw your daughter as you can as you can” – shared Alexander Ivanovna.

Since then, she educates her granddaughter Sasha one. “So afraid that she something nedodayut. I have a performances, but to have a babysitter, a wonderful woman Tamara, which makes her lessons. Sasha sometimes asks me about the future: “Grandma, what would happen if you were gone?” Her pragmatic mind. I answered her some regular stupid… This is all problematic. A will is something I wrote a long time ago,” said Nazarov.