Продюсерский центр Фадеева расторг контракты с артистами The man appealed to the public to share important news. As it turned out, Maxim Fadeev decided on a radical change in their work. Figure of show-business and decided to rethink the scheme of interaction with the performers.

Maxim Fadeev made an important announcement. The producer said that PCMP no more, and the center has terminated all contracts with artists. Now in the life of charges of the worker of show-business is entering a new Chapter. As it turned out, now they are in the project Fadeeva MALFA.

According to the producer, changes in its organization related to what happened in the Russian show-business. Fadeyev stressed that the perpetrators be different. “In particular, I mean those with whom we work for many years, and oneself,” he explained. As Maxim said, they grew up together from the relationship “producer – artist”.

“The new background of our work is a partnership approach. We not only get rid of the old name “Production center” and comes into force a new name – “MUSIC LABEL MALFA”, but completely change the business strategy. I talk a lot about the new show business, and in order to build it from scratch, you need to update what was already waiting for changes,” he said.

As suggested by Fadeev, now the perpetrators have become more independent than before. “The time has come for personalities when an artist creates trends and is working on its way is a new, still unfinished, for most scheme, but we strongly are going to take this risk,” the producer says.

In his address, Maxim Fadeev has also shared plans for the future. The producer has promised fans a lot of surprises and added that he intends to support emerging artists.

“You often write that I am much less likely to share their own material – I promise I’ll fix it. In addition, we are creating an online platform for new artists, where each of you will be able to share with me your demo and get feedback. Surely, you’ve been waiting for our new material coming soon will be a lot of experiments with music, sound and approach to the creative component,” – he said.

Before the wards Fadeeva alarmed the public posts about closing its production center. Publication SEREBRO, Nargiz Zakirova, Julia Savicheva and others pretty surprised fans. They began to propose their versions of what happened. It is possible that the decision Fadeeva due to his involvement in the project “SONGS”, which he is looking for budding talents. In addition to Maxim, in the chair the jury also was rapper TIMATI, who founded the label Black Star. The slogan of the program – “We are creating a new show-business”.