Отец Аниты Цой издевался над ней в детстве The singer visited the famous “My hero” with Tatyana Ustinova. Anita told leading that her father wanted a son, and when the girl was born, the man left the family. Rare visits parents still don’t make Anita’s warm feelings.

Anita Tsoy said that almost does not remember his father. The future star was raised by my mother. Many traits, the artist took it from her. “She was a very energetic man, not the best example for the Korean girls… But I imitated her,” admitted Choi. The man divorced the mother of the actress, a year after the birth of a child.

“I know dad worse… it So happened that he left the family when I was a year old. As I understand it, the contention was that I was born a girl and not a boy. I want to believe – father now changed his mind. Understand – in the girl there’s nothing wrong,” shared the singer.

According to the artist, the head of the family rarely visited them after the divorce. Anita noted that he was always strictly dressed, she remembers parents in the same type of jacket and a gray beret.

“We talked for a while. I remember he came. Mom did not say that the Pope is bad, it is time to pay alimony. But he always had some flat jokes… He took me by the legs and dipped in water. Not in the bath, it was a river. I resisted and he waited for how many minutes I can last. Dad thought it fun,” recalled Choi.

Anita also said that growing a naughty child and loved to learn. In recognition of the singer, since her childhood she was attracted by the music, she loved the guitar and Russian folk songs. However, the boys in the class laughed at her and took in the ensemble. “I was not accepted because of appearance. I felt a dissonance within ourselves. Soul is Russian, and looks East. Everyone laughed and I was funny” – shared the actress.

Secondary school Anita graduated from the bad. Her passport was nearly all of the “Troika”. “I had a lot of “threes”. Homeroom teacher told me to go to teacher training College, I became a student. Thought, “What? I worse than others?” After he graduated from three universities with “honors”, – said the singer.