Александр Крушельницкий признал себя виновным в употреблении допинга
The curler is ready to accept the disqualification.

Photo: Instagram

At the meeting in February the winter Olympics, the Russian Curling players have become famous all over the world. And it’s not even the doping scandal. Anastasia Bryzgalova with a light hand Western journalist called Russian Angelina Jolie. The story of her love with a partner, Alexander Kruszelnicki, too, like a fairy tale. For six months prior to anticipated Games in Phenchhane they are officially married, a long time coach and finally got the bronze medal. This award was the highest ever received Russian national team on Curling.

Didn’t happy for the young couple, as a terrible thing happened: in the blood Krushelnytskoho found Meldonium. The same drug that has done so much noise in the world of sports. The athlete and his coach argued that Alexander did not take Meldonium 2016. And, though the process of withdrawal of the drug from the human body are still not fully understood, it is safe to say that it just couldn’t be. But the fact remains.

A case of doping, in particular the possibility of sabotage, took the Investigative Committee. “The fact that we can prove innocence Krushelnytskoho is by far, we have nowhere to go, — said Dmitry Svishchev, President, Russian Curling Federation. — We have at stake is not only the honor of the athlete, but also the honor of our Federation.”

Hearing Krushelnytskoho was to begin in September of this year. But today Dmitry Svishchev at a press conference said that krushelnitsky ready to agree with the prosecution during pre-trial agreement with the world Curling Federation (WCF).

“We have consulted with lawyers and decided that no point in persisting, probably not, — said the President of the Federation of RIA Novosti. — Proofs have not yet, and the trial may take years.”

The only thing insists krushelnitsky, is that his case is not closed. So if investigators will be able to find proof of his innocence, then the period of Ineligibility will be reduced or even cancelled.