Похудевший на десять килограммов Иван Ургант поразил накачанным торсом
TV presenter found a simple way to get in shape.

Ivan Urgant

Photo: Instagram

Ivan Urgant loves and knows how to make jokes not only
over others but over himself.
The presenter repeatedly laugh at her
overweight, especially over
cheeks, saying that they had as
gopher. But now even he can not
to speak maliciously on this topic. The actor lost more
than ten pounds and now
is not only the owner
masculine profile, but boasts a beefy torso.

It is not difficult, although the rules
a healthy diet showman, of course,
adheres. TV host seriously interested
sports, namely Cycling.
Starting with lessons once a week, he
continued to make long
Cycling on vacation, and then
surprised fans by taking part in
the cross. The result surprised fans
Urgant. Muscle relief body said
velforma. Especially fans impressed
moulded chest muscles. “Lordosis, kyphosis and
unusual cross”, signed
artist photo published in
his personal microblog. “Fantastic!
Ten pounds, no less! Well
look!” — happy followers of a celebrity.

word, now many artists exhibit
results miraculous transformation.
For example 38-year-old
rapper Busta (real
name — Vasily Vakulenko) several
months ago I set a goal:
to lose 15 pounds. Musician
do not deny yourself
a good juicy Burger now
eat right and also to the point of exhaustion
be in the gym. Not so long ago Bob
showed a result of diet and enhanced
training. “5 more pounds to throw
and buff up!” — signed by the artist
the photo, published on page
in the social network.