Александру Харитонову осудили за разврат на пляже The star of “House-2” appeared in an erotic photo shoot. Alexander Kharitonov was posing in the open in a swimsuit, and on some shots even dared to bare Breasts. The followers are actively discussing new pictures.
Александру Харитонову осудили за разврат на пляже

The star of “House-2” Alexander Kharitonov rests with parents in Gelendzhik. The girl sunbathes on the beach, showing off sexy figure in a bikini and riding on the yacht. The other day Sasha took part in an erotic photo shoot, which was organized on a Wild beach. Apparently, the team chose the evening hours, as the model effectively posing in the setting sun.

On one of the frames Kharitonov raised her halter top and covered her breast with hand. The picture thrilled her followers. Some of them felt that it is not necessary to put such provocative images.

“Where is the mystery of the female body? The men all looked on Instagram, and why do they unravel this mystery, which is already not a secret? Sasha, hide in the frame privates! Once all this is predictable too! You want to get married!”, “Photography is really not,” wrote fans girls.

Kharitonov admitted that this day will live long in her memory. “Today was the most unusual photo shoot. She gave me a hard time,” he shared Sasha subscribers.

However, a few days Kharitonov will return to Moscow, as on Saturday she planned to open a new beauty salon. She intends to expand the business and establish branches in other cities of Russia.

Recognized as star of the TV show, she wants to get married but not yet found love, so engaged in self-development. Alexander is not ready to link the fate of the first comer.

“Yet I do not see a worthy candidate. Attention of the opposite sex enough, I’m the problem. Now there are people, for which I want to change. And trying to believe men…” – said Kharitonov.

The star of “House-2” tries to tell the General public about the men who have her attentions. He is always polite and open to communication with the fans, but keeps his distance, not revealing intimate details of their personal life.

“Happiness loves silence. Mom taught me that. I’m never rude, all smiles. Don’t like words, I prefer actions. I know my husband is very close to me. Premonition. I have well developed intuition,” – said the ex-member of telestroke.