Полина Гагарина раскрыла секрет феноменального похудения после родов The singer managed to lose more than 20 kilos while waiting for replenishment in the family. In recognition of Polina Gagarina, it was hard to pull myself together and get on a strict diet, but the star managed to cope with the arisen difficulties.
Полина Гагарина раскрыла секрет феноменального похудения после родов

In late April, Polina Gagarina became a mother for the second time. The singer gave her husband, the photographer Dmitry ishakova, a charming daughter who was named MIA. The singer did not stay too long on maternity leave and quickly went back to work. As early as two weeks after birth, Polina took the stage to please fans of their hits. Many have found that celebrity looks.

Now the star is gaining strength before the next immersion in the work. In the microblog Pauline regularly appear bright shots taken on vacation. Not so long ago, Gagarin delighted fans with photos of her posing in a bikini. Subscribers singer found that she lost weight in record time. After reviewing the reaction of the followers, the actress decided to reveal the secret of his diet. In recognition of Pauline, during her pregnancy she gained 25 pounds.

“At the moment your ideal weight before pregnancy, I have not yet reached. I have to compete with three kilos. For me they are fundamentally important – now I weigh 56, I need my 53. (…) Weight left slowly, I breast-fed, hormones, which manifests itself at that time very much, don’t let go my pounds and she was holding excess water. Two weeks after MIA’s birth, I began to speak, so I had to pull myself together,” he told the star.

To return to concert activities, Pauline sat on a fairly strict diet. The artist began to control your diet. While Gagarin had followed a few important rules that helped her to lose weight.

“It looks like this: morning – carbohydrate, preferably porridge to long digested, day – protein, fiber, evening – again protein. What’s important! Be sure to observe the intervals between meals and do not overeat, there are in one serving as much as fits in the palm of your hand, that is, small portions. The main principle – do not stay hungry, if I want to eat (so) – find a chicken or, for example, protein without the yolk. The main problem faced by the I – subject”, – shared the artist.

According to Gagarina, she cooked and carried her with him. Initially, the actress was hard to control myself. “But over time you get used to everything, and if you have the motivation to do all as pretty. I want to be happy with themselves, their forms, to please yourself, so, like others, extend my health and youth”, – says celebrity.

The actress also added that it is important to monitor your skin and exercise. Gagarin believes that generic advice about physical activity does not exist.

“Here, everyone chooses what he likes – power loads in the gym, Pilates, fitness, running – the main thing that you were doing it with pleasure and the result will soon appear in front of you in the mirror, – said Pauline. – Remember that it is important to find a comfortable and healthy yourself, that’s healthy, not emaciated diets, and exercise”.