«Ловись, рыбка»: главные правила виртуального флирта The expert brought a few secrets of communication in the Network. If you are looking for a life partner on the Internet, it’s important to remember the basic laws of their own pages to your object of desire just could not pass up.
«Ловись, рыбка»: главные правила виртуального флирта

To meet you not in person but online long been in order. How to interest the interlocutor and what are the characteristics of communication in some social networks, “StarHit” said the expert on Dating social entertainment network “Fotostrana” Ekaterina Fadeeva.


Subscribe to the person who you are interested in. This is the only chance not to lose it and, perhaps, to attract his attention.

Rate the old photo. If you like a post might get lost among hundreds of other notifications, under the old publication , he is likely to intrigue.

Follow the publications. Instagram gives you the ability to receive notifications whenever the object of your focus places a new photo. Go to his personal page, click on the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner and select the option “Enable notifications for posts”.

Be active. Regularly evaluate his photos, but not like everything. Record only the most interesting shots, or perhaps every second or third shot.

Chat in the comments. Praise a good shot, ask what the restaurant serves wonderful steaks with the photo or where, in his opinion, serves the best coffee in town.

Check his picture. If you have used previous recommendation, then lay out the proposed restaurant or café, you should mark the guy in the picture and in the description thank him for the wonderful advice. Unnoticed you will not stay.

Don’t forget about the spelling. Check your message before sending. Punctuation is also important: incorrectly placed comma can completely change the meaning of the utterance.
«Ловись, рыбка»: главные правила виртуального флирта


Add any person as a friend. If you are afraid that he will ignore your application because barely know you, first try to send it to one of his friends. He will see that you have mutual friends, and more likely to add you.

I page that it is interested in. Shared Hobbies together.

«Ловись, рыбка»: главные правила виртуального флиртаAsk him a question or ask for a recommendation, please share your impressions. This can be done both in private messages and in comments. For example, you liked his photos from the last trip. If you’re rested, together remember the good moments and favorite places. Otherwise, ask them to tell about this journey.

Regularly publish new photos, but be careful. It is not necessary to put candid shots, including photos in a swimsuit. Start with something more modest.

Be careful with repost. First think how a man would react to this information. In any case he will see the notification in your news feed.


«Ловись, рыбка»: главные правила виртуального флирта

The social network “Fotostrana” there are special services designed for singles. If you are shy to write first, you should pay attention to them.

Regularly comment on his photos and like them. If the there are no records, then you are certainly not stand out from the crowd.

Feel free to write first. It just seems that the first step in a relationship should do man. Times have long changed, and now women on Dating sites is no less active than representatives of the stronger sex. Do not give up and take the initiative.Participate in the daily photo contest. Ask any guy to vote for your photo.

Invite to play with you in one of the games. You don’t have to write him a message: you can send unobtrusive invitation through his personal page or using the app. In addition, in his profile you can see what games he plays regularly. Tell us what you think about it “Guessing”, or ask him about something in the “Questions and answers”.


«Ловись, рыбка»: главные правила виртуального флирта

Showcase your interest. Many men don’t take hints, so my sympathy is necessary to show as openly as possible. However, to speak directly about your interest is optional. Listen. Men, like women, have a need to be heard. Agree, it is frustrating when talking about something important, you suddenly realize that you listen with half an ear.

Genuinely interested in the Hobbies of your interlocutor, his life and work. If he is excitedly talking to you, don’t interrupt, be patient and listen. Regularly ask how he spent his day, what the outcome of a football match, etc. Praise and be generous with compliments. Don’t think compliments are invented just for women – men love them no less. However, it is important to know the measure, otherwise your partner will feel flattery.

Try to build a dialogue so that men had the opportunity to demonstrate your intelligence. Ask him about something he understands and then praise him knowledge. Avoid sarcasm or a sarcastic tone in your posts. It is also important to measure him erudition.