Александр Ильин скрыл рождение сына
One of the main roles in the TV series “Interns” became a father.

Alexander Ilyin

Photo: Instagram

Alexander Ilyin, most fans which
know it Seeds Lobanov role in the TV series “Interns”, admitted that at the end
March his son was born. The baby that gave birth to the civil wife of actor, Julia, is named Alexander in honor of his father and grandfather,
what famous acting dynasty was supplemented already the third Alexander Ilyin. Parents
yet called him San Sanych.

“Being me, of course, changed, told
actor “TN”. — Any new feeling changes a man, the more is powerful.
Appeared continuous joy, and not pronounced, and deep,
impassive, calm. When I took the question in his hands, felt the love and
feel her so far. Now we are in different parts of the country — I’m on tour with
his band, “Plan Lomonosova”, and the connection does not weaken. The feeling that Sasha drove
on tour with us and he’s around all the time. The child is a new sense, and only new
meanings and change people. Julia lived and not signing ten years, and now
probably will have to think about it. After all, the son should give his name”.