Папины дочки: Баста показал подросших детей
Vasily Vakulenko boasted their little beauties.

Photo: Instagram

Vasily Vakulenko, Basta he is, he is the mentor of “the Voice. Children” the First channel “voice of the streets” on the channel “Friday”, adores his daughters. 7-year-old Mary and 5-year-old Vasilisa outwardly very similar to the father, nor mother, wife of rapper Elena Pinsky. However, all friends of the family claim that the girls are real daddy’s girls, the same serious and mischievous at the same time.

Basta — advanced user of social networks, he often shows fans of children, but in the fresh photographs that he made while walking on the first warm spring weekend in Moscow, you can see how much they’ve grown.

Fans also said that Basil is the perfect dad. He, grim rapper in tattoos and serious lyrics, it would seem, should dream of a son and to spend free time exclusively in the gym moving iron. And Vakulenko takes his girls “armpit” and goes to the Park.

Only when Mary was born, the rapper said in an interview with “7 Days”: “to Sit with the child is not easy. Spend the evening with our “ransom of red chief” is more difficult than to play the gig. But the daughter is the best I have done. She changed my life. I used to live at night and day hated. Now get up much earlier and enjoyed the sun outside the Windows. The farther, the more I fall in love with Mary, my mother, the best mean spirited… Now all my dreams came true.”

Really all Basta dreams came true when the light appeared Vasilisa. Says the spouse of Vasily, he was the perfect father. He grew close with his younger cousins, so knew how to care and entertain little girls.

“We have a nurse, but Bob was taking care of daughters better than we both,” admitted Lena.