Died the Director of “one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest” Milos Forman

Скончался режиссер «Пролетая над гнездом кукушки» Милош Форман

A short illness took the life of one of the legendary Directors of the author of “one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest”, “Amadeus”, “Valmont”, a two-time winner of the award “Oscar”, Milos Forman. American and Czech Director and screenwriter has died at the age of 86.

Скончался режиссер «Пролетая над гнездом кукушки» Милош Форман

“He died peacefully, surrounded by family and friends” — confirmed the passing of her husband Martin, adding that he died of a short illness.

Milos Forman was born in Czechoslovakia. Mother and father foreman were sent to concentration camps and died there. Being already an adult man, Milos found out that his biological father is an architect, Otto Kohn. His mother cheated on his father and confessed to this friend in a concentration camp. In school, he studied with Vaclav Havel, the future President of the Czech Republic, one of the fathers of the “velvet revolution”. Then the boy had to be his mentor that is not particularly pleasing to Milos. But who knew what role lies ahead of him.

When Milos studied at the Prague film school, teacher of literature he was Milan Kundera. He played an important role in the fate of the boy. One day he made him read “Dangerous liaisons” Choderlos de Laclos.

Скончался режиссер «Пролетая над гнездом кукушки» Милош Форман

“At a time when my thoughts were constantly busy with sex, a Frank discussion of love of intrigue, adventure and fun has made me such a strong impression that about thirty years later I put the film on the book,” recalled foreman.

Sister Yana Prahovei, once his former wife, Khan Brejchova will play a major role in one of his first major films, “the Love Affairs of the blonde”. He will be nominated for “Oscar” in the category “Best foreign language film”. The same nomination Forman will receive shortly for another of his Czech film “the fireman’s Ball”. So for him, open the way to Hollywood.

To remove the legendary picture “one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest” offered Director Michael Douglas, because his father raved about this idea. However, he refused all, on the basis that no one will watch a film about the mentally ill. But not one he wanted to see the adaptation of the novel by Ken Kesey. His friend Jack Nicholson expressed a desire to contribute to the filming.

“There was not a drop of arrogance, selfishness, star disease, and about working with such an actor could only dream of. He was always ready to work, always knew exactly what he wanted. Thanks to his humor made everyone feel at ease, and it is very important to work on the set,” — said about Nicholson Forman.

One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” surpassed all in the battle for “Oscar”, received five major awards: best film, best Director, best screenplay, best work of the actor and actress (Louise Fletcher) in the lead roles. To assemble the “big five” major “Oscars” could only manage one picture in history. The second “Oscar” Forman won for “Amadeus” is a film about Mozart, filmed on the play by Peter Shaffer.