Александр Гордон выгнал с ток-шоу обидчицу Даны Борисовой Host of “Male – female” put the lawyer, the ex-husband of the blonde from the Studio. Gordon said that first encounters are not so qualified specialist. The lawyer insulted Dana, calling her “an alcoholic” and “addict”.

Dana Borisova said on a talk show that ex-husband Maxim Aksenov forbade her to communicate with her daughter Pauline. According to celebrity, he sets the girl against her. The presenter said that is on the brink. Dana is afraid to fall again to begin to use alcohol and illegal drugs. For help Borisov turned to the friend Alexander Gordon on the “Male – female”.

“I’m almost eleven months of not drinking. I have a commitment to be sober, engage with your doctor regularly. I started to touch the alcohol when Paulina was six, seven years. I’m not making excuses, just a lot of work,” said Borisov

According to This, her family history, because my grandfather and grandmother abused alcohol. Also, the presenter noted that sells expensive things not for the money, so she wants to erase the memory of their past. “Sell fur coats, and other outfits – get rid of everything that reminds bad. The period when I was drinking. Do not need the money,” said Dana.

The conversation was joined by the lawyer ex-husband Borisova Marina Gurov. She informed the experts and guests of the program, that the famous blonde herself does not wish to maintain contact with his daughter. “You communicate, when you want. Maxim does not prevent it. He’s just opposed to child was shown on TV and used for PR. Dana should be with a clear head to communicate with my daughter,” the lawyer said. Words Gurova caused Borisova tantrum, TV presenter burst into tears.

Dana told me that he gave Aksenov General’s daughter, when fully realized – she’s sick and can’t cope with raising a child alone. The star is not expected that the ex-husband wants to take her forever. When Dana returned to Russia, she begged ex-wife to allow her to meet the child.

“Maxim at first has brought the girl for an hour once a month. Maxim sat during our visits with displeasure, Pauline in his presence rudely talked to me, and I took offense to it. When we stayed with my daughter alone, without dad, everything was fine. However, a few weeks ago, she tried to pull out my hair, coat torn, passport and money drown it in the bathtub. So she had an attack of aggression. Still, 10 months without my mom. I understand that,” said Dana.

According to Borisova, the daughter of disturbed psyche due to the fact that she lost her mother’s shoulder. However, the lawyer Maxim Aksenov said: Polina’s all good, she does not suffer because of the constant conflicts in the family and feels her father close.

The view of the Marina Gurova angered the presenter talk shows Alexander Gordon. “Get out of here! Won-won! Maxim, if there is no money for a proper lawyer. I’ll give you money! But to shame in front of the whole country impossible. If you don’t go on the show, so you confirmed my words,” said Gordon.

At the end of the program guests and experts came to the conclusion that Borisov should heal completely – only in this case it can be a good mother to Pauline. “Danochka, we have known for a very long time. Today you have two choices: if you go back to the past – there is only death. And in the future you have only joy and always beautiful grandchildren,” concluded Gordon.