Ulyana Sergeenko attributed the affair with the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin

Ульяне Сергеенко приписали роман с главой «Роснефти» Игорем Сечиным If you believe the information that was publicized in the media, the designer meets with the top Manager of a large company. Uliana Sergeenko was not deployed to comment on the speculation of the public, citing the employment.
Ульяне Сергеенко приписали роман с главой «Роснефти» Игорем Сечиным

Designer Ulyana Sergeenko once again became the focus of public attention. Not yet subsided scandal after a joke of a fashion designer which has showed a lot of politically incorrect how about the woman spoke with a new force. This time in the media appeared information about the alleged beloved Sergeenko.

The sources, who requested anonymity, told reporters that Juliana meets with the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin. About how such information is true, we can only guess. Sergeenko is not among those who willingly shared details of his personal life.

Reporters contacted the designer, who refused to comment on the speculation of the public. Juliana is very evasive answer to a direct question about her possible relationship with the top Manager of the oil and gas company, citing the fact that she was uncomfortable speaking.

“All this crap! I am now in the mountains” – quoted in the press of the designer.
Ульяне Сергеенко приписали роман с главой «Роснефти» Игорем Сечиным

Internet users have given mixed reviews to the data that received wide publicity. Some have suggested that such information is untrue, since in the Network there is no joint picture of the alleged lovers. Others remembered that last year Sergeenko came out with businessman Dmitry Breitenbecher. The pair attracted a lot of attention at a private dinner in one of the capital’s restaurants, what was the reason for the emergence of rumors about the new novel fashion.

At the same time, fans of Ulyana wished her happiness in his personal life and expressed the hope that the designer will reveal new chosen one when the time comes. “Good, it always attracts extraordinary men”, “She’s an interesting woman. And the designer seems good”, “Everyone decides how to live”, commented fans of the designer.

Rumors that Ulyana Sergeenko twisted new novel arose at the beginning of this year. According to journalists, the designer even allegedly seen at fashion Week together with Igor Sechin. Information quickly spread in the secular parties, provoking a lively discussion. Correspondents Spletnik.ru managed to review the source close to Sechin. According to the insider, a businessman has a new fiancee – “a talented young designer Ulyana Sergeenko”.

Recall that the designer was at the center of a scandal after Miroslava Duma has published its invitation to the show. The message Ulyana reputable blogger and style icon quoted the hit Kanye West and Jay-Z. Joke Sergeenko seemed racist to the public. Arose a scandal, Miroslava and Ulyana had to defend. Ulyana Sergeenko provoked an international scandal