Alexander Gordon was attacked with accusations of the finalist of “the battle of psychics”

Александр Гордон набросился с обвинениями на финалиста «Битвы экстрасенсов»
The presenter drove Ziraddin Rzayev from the Studio of the TV show.

Sarradin Rzayev

Photo: @ziraddinrzaev

Alexander Gordon had a fight with a psychic Ziraddin Rzayev. The incident happened on the set of “Male/Female”. The theme of cut issue has become a thorny problem of the proliferation of fraud of deception of the population. The cases, when “adventurers” under the guise of psychics/magicians/mages/sorcerers extort money from gullible people. Often in this situation, are retired, giving fraudsters their modest pension…

For discussion of this topic in the Studio were invited experts from different fields, including finalist of “the Battle of psychics.” Gordon, as it turned out, did not believe in the existence of “super-powers” and thinks all “experts” in the area deceivers. On this basis, and there was a conflict between Terracina and Alexander.

“I did not expect that a public figure can behave like that. I am shocked by the behaviour of Gordon. They called me on the air, and surprisingly, I’m not for that got kicked out of the Studio. Gordon was unable to lead a discussion with me, he couldn’t talk to me, it doesn’t have the intelligence — told about the incident Rzayev. — He accused me that I am a psychopath. Then I said that a psychopath is someone who publicly says that “if you see a dog on the Playground, I’m going to shoot her”. Gordon kicked me out of the Studio.

I notice that when people show their weak side, this suggests that they are weak. When the host kicked me out of the Studio, he wanted to show his importance and to humiliate me. In fact, he humiliated himself. To respect or not respect – it’s your own business and respect people – this is the education… I Think that the host should be quiet, free, not to take sides. You judged me as if we were in court.. But without proof. I have several higher educations, I work in the clinic. Criticized is a private clinic, but she has a state license. Do you think that people who are treated in a private clinic, not educated? Why are you so negative about the work in a private clinic. I didn’t want to respond, but friends said that it is necessary to speak. Feel that the air will not show how I got kicked out of the Studio. And I really want to show. Gordon humiliated himself by doing this…. It comes from negativity, aggression, bad manners!”