Rudy told the whole truth about the relationship with Maxim Fadeev

Юлия Савичева рассказала всю правду об отношениях с Максимом Фадеевым
The singer met the producer after a long break.

Julia Savicheva and Maxim Fadeev

Photo: @yuliasavicheva Instagram Yulia Savicheva

Not all stars of the Russian show-business speak positively about Maxim Fadeev. Why are only interviews Elena Temnikova, issued a “dirty” secrets of the cooperation with the producer after leaving the group Serebro. Last dared to revelations about the music the figure became Nastasya Samburski, started not so long ago public hearing “rotten” Fadeev. At the same time, Yulia Savicheva, which has for many years been his ward, held the opposite opinion about Maxim.

Today Savicheva talked about what an important role her life plays Fadeev. She is eternally grateful to him for support. “It’s so wonderful to meet and talk about anything and everything. How nice that despite the schedule and fatigue, there is a person willing to put everything aside for half a day for simple communication. I’m so glad there are people that flare up like a torch when it comes to music and creativity, even now ready to write a song, just to remove the clip, just because it will be interesting. I’m so glad there is a person still very easy to make friends and to work. How many years have passed, and you’re still the same crazy-talented and positive!” — shared Julia.

We will remind, in August of this year Savichev became the first mom: she gave birth to a daughter, Anya. The birth was kept secret and passed in Portugal. Back in Russia, Yulia promised to come back on stage, but so far the singer has not taken part in any concert. Fans looking forward to the return of Julia.