Polina Dibrova ran away from her husband

Полина Диброва сбежала от мужа
The young wife of TV presenter is tired of life.

Полина Диброва сбежала от мужа

Dmitry and Polina Dibrovy

Photo: @Instagram polinadibrova Polina Dibrova

Polina Dibrova, it seems, manages everything: raise children,
take care of her husband and household. Of course, as any mother of many children,
the wife of TV host gets tired of such a rhythm of life and sometimes she needs to rest,
so the other day she ran away from home turmoil. Pauline parted with
her husband and children and went with her friends in Sochi.

On the coast of the Black sea Dibrova came here with a specific
purpose: it is a party dance festival club “death spiral”, where
engaged for several years. For the young wife of Dmitry this is a great opportunity
to reset the accumulated stress.

“Sometimes you have to give yourself permission to rest, to escape from
family circle, to get away from the everyday and relax in a new place!” — I’m sure Pauline.

Polina Dibrova with friends

Photo: @Instagram polinadibrova Polina Dibrova

Dibrova, by the way, some time ago opened a “women’s club”. Pauline invites all in need of support and interesting communication of the fairer sex on a unique evening. She organizes weekly “literary Lunches”. They can meet like-minded girls and discuss your favorite works in good company. “Tasty treats and delicious chat with beauties! — Pauline promises to podeschi. On the agenda was a novel by Andre Maurois “the Family circle”. He reserves such a finish…”