Александр Домогаров рассказал о разногласиях с сыном Famous actor may not be able to find a common language with the heir. Alexander Domogarov often come into dispute with his son Sasha, when they begin to discuss the films. Views Domogarova Jr. on the filming process and the film world differ from the father’s point of view.

      Александр Домогаров рассказал о разногласиях с сыном

      Famous actor Alexander Domogarov recently celebrated his 53rd birthday. As a gift for the birthday he took together with the children’s film festival “Scarlet sails” in “Artek”. For Alexander this picture was the first directorial experience, as he never saw himself in this role. Shooting lasted four days. The movie star had to understand the psychology of a 13-year-old children and to convey to them, what is the genre of melodrama.

      The heir of Alexander Domogarova followed in the footsteps of his father. It is not only in films but also directing short films. The son of a famous actor even wanted to work with his father on a single picture. However, as soon as it comes to cinema, the two creative people having a disagreement. Domogarov and his son get into an argument, each defending their point of view.

      “We communicate with him on all topics, about the movie say, but it is quite another, otherwise it sees, creative… And even the stuff we did with children in “Artek”, I understand that he is not creativly, my academic approach. What my son and do not converge because they want to white was white and black – black. And the son wants a black-and-white-red… Tell him that I do not understand this. And the son: “You’re “Hardcore” look!”, – said Alexander.

      Despite the fact that father and son have different views on the film-making process, Domogarov, Sr. claims that he likes some of the work of Alexander.

      “And as an artist it is something in me convinces. Watched his short film “the Pit”, the final work of the first year, I was impressed,” said a famous actor.

      Speaking about the character of heir, Domogarov notes that Sasha is a very disruptive young man, he will always defend his opinion, believing it to be the correct one. Eventually father and son found more common ground in communication with each other.

      “The son grows up, gets to his feet, the deer turns into a young lion. I would like to hope that we become best friends, although there is a distance that is impossible to cut. I’ll grow old, and the son – to grow up and become a man in their actions and manifestations. And how it will manifest itself…”, – said Alexander in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.

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