Зажигательные танцы миллионера сделали его звездой Интернета 49-year-old Italian entrepreneur has become a sensation in the Network. Gianluca Vacca of shares in the microblogging highlights a luxurious holiday with his wife and friends. Despite the fact that the man succeeded in some pretty serious business, he tries to enjoy life and have fun as he likes.

      In the last days the entire Internet has seen videos in which the white-haired man incendiary dancing on the boat. As it turned out, the author is so funny frames – 49-year-old millionaire from Italy, Gianluca Vacca. The bright moments of his leisure he is pleased to publish in Instagram. Apparently, many people like to monitor how spending time family is rich, on account of the businessman signed by almost a million people.

      As recognized by Gianluca, dance he never specifically studied. only good coordination and sense of rhythm.

      “I decided to conduct its own “Instagram”, to prove that you can succeed, even if you’re a funny moron. And I like to destroy the bourgeois way, which is around the wealthiest men in Italy,” it describes the Vacca its attitude to that image he creates through microblog.

      According to media reports, the fourth is at the head of the company’s RV manufacturing, and is a member of the Board of Directors of the company, which produces equipment for the packaging of pharmaceuticals. However universal fame brought him a career achievement, and dances with his wife and friends.

      In his microblog, he admits that he leads a fairly luxurious life. In his account appear footage from a private jet, expensive resorts in different parts of the world, relaxing on a yacht, in restaurants. The company he is beautiful wife Georgia, Gabriel and friends. Like any Italian, Gianluca fashionable dresses and do not hesitate to choose bold suits and shirts.

      He’s a millionaire quite easily applies to life. In April of this year he released his own book called “Enjoy” which can be interpreted as “Enjoy”. In an autobiographical publication, he spoke about his position in life.

      “I think the secret to my popularity in versatility: I’m rich, live a healthy active life and get pleasure from it. And I think that people are tired of looking at rich people who feel guilty about their worth and feel free to enjoy the fruits of his honest labor. Why should I hide? Why do I have to isolate themselves from society screens and masks? No really, be reckless, my friends! Respect others, work hard, but don’t forget to enjoy life to the fullest — she was given!” – confessed millionaire edition of Grazia.

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