Вика Цыганова уговаривает мужа усыновить ребенка The singer is ready for motherhood. Vika Tsyganova for many years wanted to hear in his house the children’s laughter, but her fate was otherwise. The star is on the verge of crucial decisions to the family of the baby from the orphanage.

      Vika Tsyganova gives his fans a touching Patriotic songs. Hallmark artist was the hit “Come to my house.” The popular singer of the 90-ies there is almost everything for the happiness of beloved husband, the poet Vadim Tsyganov, who wrote nearly all the songs, prosperity, fans and fame.

      However, star still did not manage to experience the joy of motherhood. The fate of Victoria has developed in such a way that she became a mother. But Tsyganova has not lost hope, she dreams of adopting a child from the orphanage. It is not excluded that in the near future, her wish will come true.

      “I’m ready, and Vadim is not yet agreed. Perhaps there will come a time when we both want it, and then take the child from the orphanage,” says Vic.

      Interestingly, creative and family Union Ciganovich lasts for more than 25 years. Vika and Vadim complement and inspire each other. Spouses are believers, and they often make pilgrimages to Holy places. The Duo of singer and producer was developed in the early nineties, but then the artist could not afford to become a mother.

      “If I had a child, and I toured the country, then why would a child need a mother? We with Vadik the marriage, which nobody brings suffering. No abandoned or illegitimate children, we don’t pollutive each other, not addicts, not alcoholics. We are normal and crowned creative family, bound by marriage. For me, the Redeemer and kinsman, and brother and son and husband and lover and father and mother. I can’t even imagine myself with another man. Me enough it. He means everything to me!” – the star admits in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

      Recall, Vick Tsyganov is one of the few Russian singers, whose work is completely focused on the education of the students of patriotism, the Orthodox faith and family beginning. Singer for many years by his example, demonstrates the life that she sings. Artist gives many charity concerts throughout the country. She travels with performances in places of social and political tension, where the people gets a piece of bread. In addition, Tsyganov supports military personnel in hot spots around the world.

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