Александр и Милана Кержаковы ждут ребенка The player’s wife will soon become a mother. For lovers it will be the first common child. The athlete’s two older children from a previous relationship. Some time in Milan Kerzhakov was hiding the fact that she was in position, but at some point I realized that silent it makes no sense.

      Александр и Милана Кержаковы ждут ребенка

      Alexander and Milan Kerzhakov ready to become parents. The young wife of the famous footballer is waiting for at the moment expecting a baby. For spouses it is a joy from the moment of marriage the couple has admitted that he hopes for completion in the family. Not so long ago Kerzhakov appeared at a solemn event organized by the charity Fund “Star – children”, where it was noticeable that the figure of a charming lady athlete has undergone some changes. Despite the fact that rounded tummy Milana’s already pretty hard to hide, she still hoped to keep this happy news at least for a few months. But in conversation with reporters, she still confirmed that a significant event in the offing.

      By the way, the circle of the couple and their fans there is no doubt that Milan will cope with the role of mother. The fact that she spends a lot of time with his younger brother, and is raising a young son spouse from a previous relationship. After the break the parents of a boy left to live with a famous father, and all the worries about it took his wife. Milan is truly linked to the child and has long considered it their own. Apparently, due to life circumstances Kerzhakov was prepared to appearance your own kids and now can no less than take responsibility for their education.

      Wife Kerzhakov: “Sasha really wants a baby”

      In an interview with “StarHit” Milan admitted that Alexander has long wanted to be a father again, and especially important to him that his wife love will continue.

      “Sasha really wants a baby. Of course, I’m also not against it. But it’s a big responsibility. Moreover, while Igor is small, it educated me. But if I do something, I try to send to it’s maximum strength”.