Mistress ex-wife Tatyana Bulanova told about their relationship

Любовница экс-супруга Татьяны Булановой рассказала об их отношениях Irina Yakovleva has openly admitted in connection with a man. For seven years, Vladislav Radimov made contact with a fitness trainer. The woman decided to tell the whole truth about the affair with the athlete.

      Любовница экс-супруга Татьяны Булановой рассказала об их отношениях

      For the past couple of years there were rumors that the husband of the singer Tatyana Bulanova, Vladislav Radimov cheated on his wife. Not long ago, the famous actress announced her divorce from footballer. This case is made Irina Yakovlev out of the shadows and tell the program “live” the truth about the relationship with the athlete.

      Husband of Tatyana Bulanova secretly meets with a fitness trainer

      As it turned out, Vladislav and Irina met in a luxury restaurant in St. Petersburg. After that, between a man and a woman broke out the passion. Yakovlev admitted that he did not know that her new boyfriend is a married man. Her friend said that he is not free, however, this was not the reason in order to break the link with the choice.

      “We had a very romantic relationship. We met, walked the ship up the Neva, when bred bridges” – says the coach.

      Despite the fact that Vladislav was in no hurry to divorce his lawful wife and to make an offer of marriage to his new beloved. Irina, this situation did not bother. She was happy that next to it there is a beloved man. Moreover, he was eager to make friends with the family of his mistress.

      “He really wanted to meet my relatives. With his mother, he quickly found a common language”, – said Irina.

      The Studio program also showed an excerpt of one interview, which gave Radimov couple of years ago. He admitted that Tatiana Bulanova – the only love of his life. Irene was unpleasant to listen to these words, because at that moment, he unfolded to her whirlwind romance.

      Любовница экс-супруга Татьяны Булановой рассказала об их отношениях

      Yakovlev stated that he does not consider himself the cause of the divorce. According to mistress of the athlete, at that time, they have not the extent of your relationship. “We haven’t spoken this year, I never called, never wrote to him. Adhere to the rule that if a person made a decision, I will let him go. And now the marriage is falling apart, and you say that it’s my fault,” he said in his defense fitness trainer.

      Also in the program “live” shows one of the previous interviews Tatyana Bulanova, in which she discussed the mistress of her husband.

      “I don’t know whether it’s true or not true. Vlad has a lot of girls friends. Maybe she thought it was love, I don’t know. I think for girls it’s a shame to tell about her affair with a married man” – expressed its position a singer.

      Irina believes that Bulanova was ugly to do to her husband. “I hear that she’s getting it from the police. The most insulting that she’s not protecting him, and puts in an unpleasant light,” says the mistress Radimov.