Christina Aguilera purchased bath salts in Moscow

Кристина Агилера закупилась солью для ванны в Москве Pop diva spends time in the capital before a performance at a big event. Aguilera arrived yesterday and then spent most of the time in the city centre. “StarHit”, but foreign star and how she met the fans.

      Кристина Агилера закупилась солью для ванны в Москве

      Before Christina Aguilera arrived to Moscow to speak in front of thousands of people in the First national music award in the Kremlin. This evening the artist will perform four songs, which have become world hits. Once in the capital, the pop diva went for a walk through the city center. In fan communities, and there were messages like: “Run in the end, she’s there”, “I Met her makeup artist in the Central Department store”.

      Following the example of many guests, Aguilera went on a Red Square, then her walk continued on the main streets among the shops. The singer was dressed in a light coat and a woolen hat, like many girls in the city. Despite this, a charming blonde still recognize a celebrity with a world name. Interestingly, according to the city, the artist moved, apparently, unguarded. In social networks there appeared a lot of pictures, which can be clearly seen that shopping star walks alone.

      Кристина Агилера закупилась солью для ванны в Москве

      When Aguilera found out that she willingly signed autographs and talked with fans. After a busy day, weary from long flight, diva went to the boutique cosmetics, where, according to vendors, bought a few packs of scented bath sets. The boutique, which was attended by Christine, almost immediately posted in Instagram photo with the caption: “we come To Christina Aguilera and this is her autograph… And what have you?”

      Today the singer is very saturated with events and new experiences the day will conclude with a dialogue with journalists and fans after the concert. “StarHit” found that the Russian fan community has decided to arrange for the performance of Christina’s flash mob, crossing her arms over her head in the shape of the letter “X” – the symbol of her album. Moreover, it is planned to deliver bouquet of 101 roses in the personal room of the actress at the hotel.