Alex reveals a secret of his personal life

Алекса приоткрыла тайну личной жизни Fans in awe of the fact that the singer showed of her lover. Alex posted a photo with the chosen one in the microblog. After having an affair with one of the participants of “Factory of stars” celebrity was in no hurry to show public sympathy.

      Алекса приоткрыла тайну личной жизни

      Singer Alex has declared itself after the popular project “star Factory 4”. But after releasing several songs, the artist disappeared from the music scene. Some time the singer linked the novel with another participant of the popular TV show. However, now the question is personal life really care about fans of Alexa. But, apparently, it does not seek to show others of the elect, but still decided to satisfy the curiosity of the followers, posting a picture with a loved one.

      “When you really love someone, you don’t need any proof. You just feel it. Take care and treasure these moments!” – shared thoughts 27-year-old graduate of “Factory of stars”.

      Fans came to the indescribable delight from the fact that in the privacy of Alex’s all good. They were very happy that even a little can see in the picture of the beloved singer.

      “Well, finally out of the corner of my eye I saw him”, “So nice to see happy people”, “Sasha, I wish you happiness!” commented vying fans.

      After the finalist of “factory of stars” stopped the performance on stage, she decided to try his luck in the fashion industry and revealed the talent of the designer. Now 27-year-old actress worked on her own clothing line along with Azerbaijan’s own brand, Le Salon – Atelier. But not everyone could buy outfits designed by Alexa as the clothes come out in limited quantities.b

      Singer Alexa rose from obscurity

      “This collection is extremely limited, and each dress is different and unique in their own way… We tried to create for you in this collection as evening dresses, and cocktail. Each one is special, because we were thought to have unusual cut lines and design,” said Alex.

      She is the finalist of “factory of stars” with pleasure tries on outfits from his collection and shows them to subscribers in the microblog. For Alexa, the creation of garments was a new thing, of which she had dreamed in childhood. But only recently she was able to implement their plans.

      “The idea I cherished for quite a long time, after a while my friend asked me to create something together, And she so inspired me that from that time on I have always at hand a pencil and a sheet of paper”, – told about his works, the artist.

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