Andrey Chuev divorced his wife

Андрей Чуев развелся с женой Party “House-2” free from past relationships. Andrey Chuev has shown the certificate of dissolution of marriage. Despite the breakup, the hero of the reality show ready to support any minute now ex-wife.

      Андрей Чуев развелся с женой

      One of the prominent participants of the TV project “Dom-2” Andrei Chuev finally divorced. After he made an offer hands and hearts Marina Afrikantov, they could not officially register the relationship due to the fact that Andrew remained married to another woman. But now nothing stops Chueva lead Afrikantova down the aisle. Despite the fact that now the participant “House-2” is completely free, it published a tender message to his ex-wife.

      “So, who’s to say and was convinced that I will not divorce? My dear ex-wife! Always remember that whatever is not of the father, I will always come to you for help and will do everything in my capacity to help you in the case of complex situations. I thank you for seven wonderful years of marriage. I’m sorry, when was not restrained and rough, you know the character is not ice. Thanks again for everything you did for me, and most importantly, that you’re a wonderful mother. I can’t wait when lease will come to me on vacation. I Kiss You!” – with such thoughts Chuev accepted the decision of the court.

      Андрей Чуев развелся с женой

      Interestingly, Marina Afrikantov personally familiar with now ex-wife. As it turned out, the mother of the child Chueva lives with another man in the United Arab Emirates. After the bride, Andrew learned all the details of the relationship between spouses, she realized that her beloved is cheating.

      In January this year, Chueva and Africanoboi was supposed to be married in the Seychelles. But nobody could expect what is already on the ceremony, when the couple had to pronounce a solemn oath, the man refused to marry his bride. For all the fans and other participants of the project this decision was a real shock. They could not understand, in what the reason of such behavior of the groom.

      Shortly before that, the fans tried to dissuade Marina from marriage. A dispute broke out over who of the spouses must manage the family budget. “Marina, are You so blind? This man does not love You, You are weak, and he mocks, manipulates. This tyrant. Wake up, love is joy, not tears and humiliation… it will get worse!”, – tried to open my eyes and warn Afrikantova subscribers.

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