Pamela Anderson spoke about life with her ex-husband

Памела Андерсон рассказала о жизни с бывшим мужем

The star of “Baywatch” actress Pamela Anderson became the heroine of publications W Magazine, in an interview which talked about his relationship with Rick Salmon, her penultimate and last husband.

48-year-old actress said that now, when she again became a free woman, feeling much better than when I was Rick’s wife.
“Even when I look at my photos taken during her marriage with Rick, I understand that looked twenty years older,” said Pamela.
Recall that during the failed marriage of Anderson still continued the treatment for hepatitis C, but the actress believes that the reason for the discontent was not the case.
“It sounds too pretentious, but the beauty really comes from within, and very much depends on the inner attitude. To feel beautiful enough to be calm, peaceful and happy. If you are in constant stress, and your appearance will be affected. I remember looking in the mirror and wondered: how did I get like this?” said Pamela.
After a painful break-up and subsequent divorce, Anderson took a little time to recover. But soul-searching has gone in her favor.
“At one point there is a certain age when a feeling of helplessness. The children have grown up, and then – the divorce, the fear appears to be one..Start looking for a new purpose in life, distanciruemsa from everyone, trying to find new meaning, worried about leaving his youth. Sometimes it seems that will help creams, treatments, sports, diet, but the main thing is the love of ourselves,” said Pamela.
Now Anderson is not afraid of old age, she was happy with her life.
“In truth, I like this process. I know many women who age beautifully and inspire me. For example, my mother is as beautiful as before, she’s attractive and full of energy. Aging does not mean the end. I believe I still have a lot of interesting” — said the actress.
By the way, soon Anderson will soon appear in the remake of “Baywatch” series, which brought her worldwide fame and popularity, and recently received a cameo role in the TV series “Abrasion”.

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