Алекса вспомнила ужасающие подробности жизни на «Фабрике звезд» According to the artist, the touring life of the participants of the TV show was unbearable. Alex told me about what had to face the graduates of the musical show. Now she wants to return to the scene, but cannot find a suitable producer.

      Алекса вспомнила ужасающие подробности жизни на «Фабрике звезд»

      A graduate of “star Factory-4” Cvikova Alexander, acting under the name of Alex, was one of the youngest members on the project. The girl was only 16 years old when she decided to connect his life with show business. The young actress had to face many difficulties and challenges at the dawn of his career. Alex remembered all intolerable conditions with which it was obliged to make in exchange for fame and popularity.

      The participants who dropped from sight: how was their fate

      “It was such an operation! It was hard: not getting enough sleep, do not wash, three to four concerts a day, endless flights, even sometimes we slept on the floor in the plane, almost at the feet of the people, just had to take a horizontal position and to somehow relax. And so a year and a half. Ate in different ways. Sometimes well, and sometimes ate fast food, drinking red bull or coke ate Snickers. The fees for speaking give penny: paid 50 to 100 dollars for a concert,” – says the artist.

      Despite all the trials that had to overcome a young girl, Alex fondly remembers the producer of the project Igor Krutoy. She was grateful to the composer and musician and believes that only through him began her creative career. Then in her life there was another producer who promised to help make the singer just what she wants. However, their working relationship did not work out.

      After Alex received recognition and love of the public for participating in the “star Factory”, it is still unable to cope with the difficult living conditions of artists. She decided to retire from show business and returned to his parents in Donetsk. Alex still has not lost interest in the scene and ready to return at any moment, only if you find a suitable team with which she would be comfortable working.

      “I still sing and act, but in the pleasure and in the circle of loved ones. If my life had a professional producer, I would love to go back to Russia and on the big stage. But until I found a person who you can trust, including financial matters” – shared reflections the singer in an interview with PeopleTalk.


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