На Сергея Зверева совершено жестокое нападение For the outrageous artist in the center of Moscow was attacked by unknown with a knife. Sergei Zverev was shocked. Stylist told about the signs of a maniac and asked fans to be careful.

      На Сергея Зверева совершено жестокое нападение

      Sergey Zverev has a whole army of fans. The flamboyant showman is often recognized on the streets thanks to the bright appearance. People get artist autographs, take selfies with him. However, before the star of the show-business began to pursue an unknown, who obviously had no good intentions.

      Sergei was walking down Tverskaya street in Central Moscow with his friend. He felt something was wrong when I noticed a nasty man. He followed the couple around with a menacing look. Then Zverev and his companion politely asked the stranger to leave them alone.

      “Coming for us… he looks about thirty-five years. Very tan, very skinny, dark hair, big eyes, dressed in a dark – described in Annex “Periscope” signs of the criminal Sergey. In the transition down, and he says, “Give me a hundred rubles. Otherwise I’ll cut you both,” and pulls out a knife! Be careful because he said that he stayed in prison just came out, and he doesn’t care. It turns out that a lot of them now very. They were released, and they are now here all the walking. Dressed about the same, and some are armed.”

      It is noteworthy that most of the subscribers Zvereva in Instagram was horrified. They supported a favorite artist as I could. However, there were some who did not feel how serious was the threat to the health and life of Sergey, and brought his message to the joke.

      “Well, you came up with the same, maniac attacked you. Yes, he would have fainted from your beauty. Forgot where he was going, And if I were a maniac, would have asked for an autograph”, “Doyle, be careful! I can’t even imagine what a shock you experienced”, “Well, that at least everything worked out,” wrote Zverev evil tongues.

      Sergei Zverev was visiting my mother in the village

      It turns out that after a brief time of Moscow, Sergey met not with open arms. Another thing was in the Irkutsk region, where Zverev has recently returned. The artist visited the coast of lake Baikal, in the small village Kultuk, where his relatives live. The king of glamor admitted that he was having a good time in their native lands. “I came to commemorate all the dead, no other meetings, I have a clear task – to visit relatives in the cemetery to go, because very rarely go there,” explained Zverev.

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