Alex arranged a romantic dinner for Valentine’s

Алекса устроила романтический ужин для возлюбленного The graduate of “factory of stars” has shown a gradual cooking meat. Alex herself admitted that she wants to learn to cook like a real chef. The girl paid much attention to the decoration of dishes and a beautiful table setting.
Алекса устроила романтический ужин для возлюбленного

Once Cvikova Alexander has ascended to a musical Olympus with their hits, but now she focused on his personal life. Her relationship with a young man named Arthur last months, but the girl does not get tired to admit feelings to your beloved. This time Alex has moved from words to action, presenting the man a hearty dinner. The process of making it the girl was filmed and uploaded in “Instagram”. Alex: “it’s hard to remember a period of “idol.”

“Home is the place where the woman works in the absence of men, and the man is resting in the presence of a woman”, signed post happy celebrity.

Fans immediately noted not only culinary gift is his idol, but also a beautiful table setting. “Hostess,clever,” “And you recipe?”, “Such a good girl, positive,” – have commented extensively on the subscribers of the singer.

Alex often shared on Instagram a video and pictures of her cooking meals, sometimes accompanied with recipes. Prepares the girl mainly roast the meat, though in her culinary Arsenal, there are soups, salads, and even homemade pizza. The singer also admits that in their family it is responsible for a delicious dinner and table setting. Apparently, the girl is actively working on creating the perfect atmosphere of family cosiness in the house. However, critically the star has been quick to point out that in cooking she still has room to grow.

“I’m not a chef, but I really want to learn how to cook more delicious,” he shared with fans Alex.

Now a graduate of “factory of stars” rarely performs on the big stage, because her attention is focused on the development of their own business. Recently she has been designing jewelry, completely controlling their production. Besides, the girl actively “Instagram”, sharing with fans the details of his daily life. Members consistently praise a celebrity for its sophisticated style and design talent.

Recall the first time Alex showed up with Arthur at a social event in October 2016. The young man has nothing to show business, so fans of the artist about him little is known. The singer tries not to advertise personal life, so rarely puts pictures with the second half. However, judging by the culinary Chronicles Alexandra CHVIKOVA, the couple remains as strong as ever. The star itself has repeatedly admitted that it is ready to be a mother and dreams of a big family. Alex presented the choice of the secular public.