Семья Фриске вышла на тропу войны After a meeting with the grandson of the family of the singer are going to solve all the issues with the Rusfond. The investigation found that the money took the mother of the actress Olga Vladimirovna. A recent trial has pushed Vladimir Borisovich to make an official statement through the “StarHit”.
Семья Фриске вышла на тропу войны

A week ago, relatives of Jeanne Friske Plato saw. It was the first half of the year a date. “The meeting was held in the Circus on Vernadsky at the time of submission, the lawyer said Sergey Fedorovich. – Plato sat on dad’s lap, his family was separated by the bailiff.

At intermission, the family of Jeanne managed 15 minutes to chat with the boy in a special room. All cried and hugged. He knew the grandfather, grandmother and aunt. Vladimir Borisovich asked his grandson: how’s it going, how to get involved. Then all returned to the Lodge. Excitement Vladimir Friske ached heart”.

Relatives plan to reconcile with Dmitry Shepelev to continue to communicate with her grandson. They want to overturn a court ruling on the order of communication with Plato. And now on the agenda is another thing to Respond and the missing money. The investigation revealed that 25 million rubles from the account was removed Olga Vladimirovna, mother of Joan. Native Zhanna Friske obliged to return 21 million rubles

Семья Фриске вышла на тропу войны

In connection with these charges Vladimir Friske made an official statement through the “StarHit”:

“Precedent! – so called in law Latin. praecedens — prior — event or an event that took place in the past and serves as an example for similar actions in the present.

Perovsky court has done its dirty work, has created a precedent and opened Pandora’s box to citizens of Russia through the case of Zhanna Friske. Despite the fact that Rusfond scoffed at people who had nothing to do with money, lawyers Rusfond decided to send relatives followed Jeanne to know, where are the receipts for the treatment.

From a legal perspective, it’s chaos. Now everyone who has sick relatives, is also doomed after the death of relatives to go to jail because of greedy funds/respondo. If the hospital will give the patient reference checks, and they will not accept such a Rusfond and Cooper court, then you wait years hopeless prison sentence. The contract, as it turned out, not a charity, so this is not a donation (gift – art 572-582 of the civil code), as the judge said Savostyanov, S. V., and mixed! Not a contract of donation money from sick people (donators), and commercial and has obligations!

How many need to suffer for these humans showed what they have already given? And checks, and receipts in the third round! I was overwhelmed with emotions. It turned out that as soon as the court has brought supporting documents, they are not immediately recognized! And who?! Rusfond! But the judge did not explain why he does not accept the documents.

How many – 50, 100 thousand dollars paid to the judge? To white people say “black”.
Rusfond seized all the records of the last court hearing, where ignorant lawyer in the persons of the defendants broke all the cheap claim of the attorneys for the Respond, and most importantly shed light on this matter with the alleged embezzlement of the family fortune.

Money was and is the Rusfond, a report was made by Zhanna Friske during his lifetime. However, unscrupulous organization Rusfond who stole 400 million rubles, decided to put the squeeze on relatives Friske”.