Kathleen Jenner didn’t like having sex with his ex-wife

Кэйтлин Дженнер не нравился секс с бывшей женой

Kathleen Jenner, the former American athlete Bruce Jenner, star of the reality show “Life with Kardashians”, which in his old age decided to become a woman, continues to promote his new book. What is needed for a good sales book? Right scandal-the dirtier, the better. In a recent interview, kaitlyn stated that she never enjoyed sex with his ex-wife.

Indeed, 67-year-old woman is transgender, said that the intimate relationship she in General never liked. Over a lifetime, she had only five partners, three of which Bruce in his time were married. One of the reasons for the breakup with Chris was the extinction of the sexual appetite of men, while, like Chris was still powder in the flasks.
I must say, poor Chris is not just battered by the revelations of the former Bruce. So, the woman was outraged by the statements of the ex-husband that she always knew about his inclinations and desire to become a woman. For example, during sex games spouses Bruce repeatedly trying on clothes, Chris, passed the procedure of permanent removal facial hair, Adam’s Apple, and more. The woman said that had no idea about the desire of her husband to become a woman, otherwise, would be to marry him.
“Chris feels like 22 years lived in the total lie, she was bitter and hurt that this man she had spent so many years of my life” — said the insider.
Children of Kris, which Bruce brought up as their own, also came to the defense of his mother and stopped to chat with him. Even native daughters of the athlete Kendall and Kylie were less likely to see him, tacitly supporting the mother.