Alena Sviridova ready to go from the chosen one

Алена Свиридова готова уйти от избранника The singer believes that a sense of psychological freedom helps her lover to be together. Alena Sviridova and her partner have been together for eight years and is happy in the relationship. While it is not prepared to enter into a formal marriage.

      Алена Свиридова готова уйти от избранника

      Popular 90s singer Alain Sviridov has repeatedly talked about his young elect David Vardanyan. Despite the fact that the couple have been together for quite a long time to go away 53-year-old actress has not yet committed. She’s happy in a civil marriage with the chosen one and sees only advantages in a relationship of this kind. Alena understands that at any time, if it will be something not to make in the favorite, had to leave.

      “I think that if we had come to a mutual realization that we will continue to live for many years together, then maybe we will register our relationship. And yet psychologically there is a loophole that we can at any time, so to speak, undoing. It’s like fear of closed spaces. When there is access, it is easier to be in the room than when there is no escape. Maybe it’s a feeling of release that keeps us together,” admitted Sviridov.

      Despite the age difference between Allen and David is more than 10 years, however, my beloved feel comfortable together. By the way, her former common-law spouse, with whom she had a son Grisha, was a younger singer for 20 years. The singer admits that her views do not always coincide with your chosen one. Only in some matters they agree. “That’s how we are different in appearance, are as different internally. We have the same ideas just about what is good and what is bad. On all other issues it’s just a pipe!” – said the actress in an interview.

      According to the actress, she never dreamed of becoming someone’s wife, did not think to devote herself to raising children. She admitted that always tried to live the way he thought was right, rather than imposed patterns.

      “The sacred meaning of marriage in complete fusion and responsibility for each other. The vows you give: in sickness and old age, and with thick sides and a bald spot and other attributes…But to accept it, you have to be a religious man, brought up in such traditions. We are not, we were raised differently, so it is difficult for us to accept it. But if this doesn’t take, then what is it? The stamp in the passport? And he means nothing to me, if there is no awareness of what I’m going to live with this man, even if he becomes senile and an idiot or drinking. I’m not sure I can unequivocally say, “Yes”, – said Sviridov in an interview with the magazine “Only star”.

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