Ex-wife Grachevsky communicates with his new lover

Бывшая супруга Грачевского общается с его новой возлюбленной Anna is building a new romantic relationship and in June of this year, is going to marry his new elect Artem kuzjakina. However, sometimes she has to communicate with the former spouse Boris, from whom she has a daughter Vasilisa. Besides, the star adopted the new darling of the Grachevsky and found a common language with her.

      Бывшая супруга Грачевского общается с его новой возлюбленной

      29-year-old Anna Grachevskaya was getting married again. Her choice was a 35-year-old basketball player Artem Kuzyakin. However, the TV presenter says that he supports the relationship with the father of her child, the Creator of the “jumble” Boris Grachevsky. Everything else, Anna managed to find a common language with his new darling Ekaterina Belotserkovsky.

      Anna Grachevskaya: “In a new relationship I couldn’t be happier!”

      The first time after the divorce Anna did not want to make contact with his father Vasilisa. Gradually, however, the former couple found the strength to all the conflicts in the past. At the moment, Boris and Anna communicate and take turns doing the daughter.

      According to Grachevsky, the girl even familiar with the bride of Boris. “My daughter with her very good relations developed. Vasilisa sociable girl, she goes to all with an open mind. Katya, in turn, also took Vasilisa. They communicate very well. And when Vasilisa y dads, they all together, all having a great time,” shared the star.

      Бывшая супруга Грачевского общается с его новой возлюбленной

      Daughter Anna is growing very contact. She started to hang out with and new step-father Artem. The player also has children from his first marriage, Margaret and mark. “When we gather together, we get that hilarious “Beethoven family”, – said Grachevskaya in an interview with the magazine “Only star”.

      Earlier star mother checked her daughter’s abilities. Vasilisa grows very talented girl. She can succeed in sport, dance, science, creative activity. “Such a high IQ – 170, I, of course, very happy. And especially nice that this indicator only three percent of the people. For example, scientist albert Einstein and a few of our brilliant scientists had a similar level of intelligence”, – proudly said Anna.

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