Pelageya supported favorite for the championship

Пелагея поддержала любимого на чемпионате The singer sang the Russian national anthem at the opening of the world championship on hockey. Pelagia was able to inspire not only chosen, but also the entire national team. Relationship with celebrity athlete Ivan Telegin were declassified at the end of April.

      Пелагея поддержала любимого на чемпионате

      About the affair of a popular singer Pelageya with the hockey player Ivan Telegin became known in late April. After their relationship was declassified, the artist became more likely to attend sports matches. In the social media with enviable regularity began to appear photos from the stands of the ice arenas. And today on the world hockey championship, where our team will meet the national team of the Czech Republic, the singer was able to give moral support to a loved one. At the opening of one of the major events in the sports world, the mentor of “the Voice” sang the national anthem of Russia. It is likely that Ivan will be on the ice, feeling incredible pride for the support of his beloved.

      Pelagia took away the beloved of the family

      Pelagia always tried not to expose his personal life. But not long ago she had chosen to work. They came together to shoot the show “the Voice”, and during breaks Telegin and then sat down with wringing. As we found out the “StarHit” the hockey player went to wringing from his common-law wife, which now brings their total three children alone. The baby Ivan and his ex-girlfriend Eugene called mark, was born in early February. However, even a baby could not protect a young family from collapse.

      Unlike her lover, the Pelagia children yet. Not long ago, the actress shared with her fans thoughts about the future motherhood. “I would be the happiest person if I lived next to a little lump of love, joy, sleepless nights! Nine months miracle, and a whole life together,” – said the singer. Subscribers were assured that the artist will make a great mother.

      Пелагея поддержала любимого на чемпионате

      However, the singer noted that will give birth to a child only when it is confident in its choice.

      “Really, it’s happiness, but also a great responsibility and confidence in life partner! When I’m completely sure of my actions, I will do anything to become a mother, a mother for her child! In the meantime, look at this crumb and cry how amazing this world is and how we are strange when we do not appreciate the beautiful!” – shared thoughts Pelagia.

      It is quite possible that soon the singer will change their family status. The most attentive fans Pelagia had noticed the ring on the ring finger of the actress.

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