Alena Kravets again nursing bruises from the beating

Алена Кравец вновь залечивает синяки от побоев The singer turned to the emergency room. Alena Kravets has published a video which demonstrates the new bruises on his face. Fans were shocked by these images and tried to comfort the actress.

      The news that the singer Alena Kravets subjected to beatings her ex-husband, has caused much controversy and discussion. The artist is not afraid to admit to domestic violence all over the country in the program Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk”. Alena Kravets told about the terrible life after her divorce from millionaire

      Despite the fact that the story of Alena Kravets became public, it did not save her from further beatings. On the eve of the singer posted videotapes where she showed another black eye.

      “We arrived at the emergency room, so we mother’s day spent, indescribable beauty, with bitterness in his voice said Allen. – Already I go there almost seems to work. Those who say it’s photoshop or makeup, wanted to see this makeup and black PR all enemies”.

      Subscribers were shocked by these images. They hastened to comfort the young woman with kind words.

      “Why in our country can not protect their women from villains and scoundrels. We need such a law, which would prohibit him near a kilometer”, “did uploaded a video. First, the public outcry will be. Second, the diminished number of those around this idiot dances leads”, “can’t you hire a guard,” “Alena, I don’t know you, but as a woman I agree with you and as a mother of three children I perfectly understand how you feel! Hold on, everything will be fine! Most importantly believe and fight to the end! I wish you peace and happiness,” wrote the followers of the artist.

      Now Alena is trying to do everything to quickly get rid of a black eye. It uses various means to hide the bruises.

      “By the evening the swelling increased. Badyaga Traumeel is not very helpful,” wrote Allen in a microblog.

      Now the actress is fighting for the opportunity to see and participate in the education of their only daughter Danielle, who is now nine years old. According to the lawyer Alena Maya Sandler, the girl’s father Ruslan precludes communication with the mother. The singer remains nothing how to sue your former spouse. “This is a very emotional and complex cases. We see no other way out. Alena is very hard to decide on a lawsuit, she’s in terrible shock and is afraid that it will take,” said Sandler.