The ex-husband Anastasii Soltan explained why he dumped her before she died

Экс-супруг Анастасии Солтан объяснил, почему бросил ее перед смертью From the date of the death of her daughter who died in an accident the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Petersburg has passed a few days. Journalists contacted the former husband of Anastasia, Alexei Plotnikov, politician and member of the party “Fair Russia”. The man opened reasons decided to part with the beloved.

    Last week the heiress of the Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Paul Soltan, who died in a traffic accident in August this year, committed suicide. She had a protracted depression, which became the cause of suicide. A few days of this Soltan divorced Alexei Plotnikov. Anastasia claimed that her husband turned away from her. The victim of the tragedy said that the ex-boyfriend even asked how she was feeling.

    Journalists contacted the former husband of Anastasia, Alexei Plotnikov. The man was frankly told that was the reason for his divorce from the unfortunate girl. Carpenters argues that insisted on it environment Anastasia. Close Soltani is convinced that Alex convinced her to go to court with the statement for divorce.

    Before the death of Anastasia Soltan left a farewell letter

    “It is unfortunate that with Anastasia were a number of people who gave her, in my opinion, not the best advice to file for divorce. This initiative Anastasia together with her sister and husband, which has carried out a lawyer. She has not come to court. And I by coincidence came to court late. The only thing I asked: “Will you appeal the decision of the court?” But love cannot be forced. To fight for the person who says: “I do not want to see, do not come here”. From my side it was a short conversation, which ended after the transfer of money she asked for,” said Alexey Plotnikov.

    Ex-husband Soltan told that a close friend of the family’s Marina Parfenova urged him to protect the wife from the influence of the sisters. According to friend of the deceased Pavel Soltan, Veronica was jealous of sister to mother, and therefore hated her.

    Carpenters also sure that Anastasia especially well behaved that others felt sorry for her. With this purpose, the man says, she wrote a heartbreaking post. Alex believes that the victim of the tragedy depended on the likes and comments that were left on the Internet. After Anastasia gave an interview in which spoke negatively about the family, it began to condemn on social networks. “So this is was not for the support and even criticism. Perhaps this criticism she did not survive,” – said ex-lover is dead

    Note that in a recent interview Soltan openly talked about the fight with my sister and her husband. Anastasia blamed Veronica and Vyacheslav Koltsov that they took her keys from the parent and the apartment is shielded from communication with the outside world, confiscated her money and phone. If we analyze the recent publications Soltan on social networks, it becomes clear that she confronted her husband and Veronica called him a tyrant. The victim of the tragedy also talked about the fact that they have not received funds from friends of his father, provided for its treatment and rehabilitation.