The lawyer spoke about reconciliation Kirkorov with the French group

Адвокат высказался о примирении Киркорова с французской группой Alexander Dobrovinsky told about the alleged solution to the conflict with the musicians. The judge believes that the representatives of foreign artists are too rich imagination. The dispute over plagiarism of the song Philip Kirkorov “tough love” is not quenched until now.

      In early November, the information appeared that the French group Space filed a lawsuit for copyright protection. According to them, the song Philip Kirkorov “tough love,” copied the composition “Symphonic Space Dream”. Now the media spread the information that the king of the domestic pop scene up with their Western counterparts. However, the lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky, who represents the interests of Kirkorov in a conversation with “StarHit” denied this information.

      “We occasionally hear about those mystical claims which are routinely denied. Then they turn to the Moscow courts, then appeal courts of the USA. It seems to me that Mr Trunov and his colleagues rich imagination. There was no reconciliation – said Dobrovinsky and added that refers to such statements with irony. – We do not pay attention to it. I feel sorry for the people who invent all sorts of fables”.

      From the very beginning of the conflict, the judge took a strong stance – Philip is irrelevant to the plagiarism of the song. According to Dobrovinsky, the singer is just a performer, but because the claims about illegal borrowing to touch it should not.

      “All who are interested in the case of the French musicians against Phillip Kirkorov. All the documents proving that Philip is irrelevant to this court can not have – in my arms. Kirkorov is not a composer, he’s performer. Indeed, if I bought pants, a style which was copied by one designer from the pattern of another designer, then why do I, the buyer, must be all your own … sorry, what?” – expressed his point of view, the lawyer in the microblog.

      In a statement, the plaintiffs insisted, to deny Philip Kirkorov to sing a song written by composer Oleg Popovym, and to pay monetary compensation. Dobrovinsky referred to the fact that the song “tough love” king of the pop scene, first performed at the concert “song of the year” in November 2001. And album Space, which was a controversial song, was released a year later – in October of 2002.