Alena Apina has published the dirt on former colleagues

Алена Апина обнародовала компромат на бывших коллег The actress shared with fans a rare frame. Black-and-white photo, the singer is posing in a short mini skirt with my colleagues in the group “Combination”. Girls look very provocative and stylish. Followers Epinoy began to actively discuss the photo.

Star 90s Alena Apina decided to recall the days when she was a member of the popular group “the Combination”. The singer posted on Twitter a black and white frame with former colleagues. In the picture she poses in provocative attire along with other soloists of the band. Then it was decided to curl her hair, wear mini-skirts and make bright makeup. As noted by the artist herself, she decided to please fans of the series old frames.

“I decided to show you a bit of a personal photo archive! Something going to comment, but something so clear,” wrote Apina about the picture.

Fans were surprised such a bold shot, and began to feel nostalgic for that time. “Cool photo! I also in 1980 was 19 years old! Youth, recklessness,” “And I love you in my youth, after the music video “Leh” as I recall”, “Such a bold photo at the time”, “Light can, and must, constantly, throughout life, not only in youth!” noted users of the social network.

According to Alena, she’s changed a lot since then, but loves to talk about funny incidents that happened to them on tour or concerts. “Youth on that also is given, so that was something to remember,” replied Alena subscribers.

New songs Epinoy does not like her work the early 90’s. the Singer herself writes the lyrics and takes provocative clips. She recently completed work on a video of the “bond Girl”. Fans were surprised when they presented footage from the news. In some scenes, a 52-year-old actress got completely undressed. As argued by Alain, she was not shy about his body. According to the star, do not think that only young soloist can afford to pose naked.

“Half of the women in our country after 30 years starting to prepare to the graveyard. I want to remind you that age does not exist, rather, it exists only in our head. Here is a mega-task that stood in front of me,” said Apina in an interview.

Loyal fans of the singer continue to admire her appearance and talent. Snippets from the new videos have garnered hundreds of likes in social networks. “What a beautiful and interesting. I have again the feeling of admiration”, “Beauty! Well red hair look”, “I’m impressed. Just wonder how could be so beautiful”, “Gorgeous Apina! Well done, that this cute guy was found,” wrote fans saw footage of Apina hugged muscular guy. Alena Apina explained why he chose a vicious young man