Vika Krutaya showed the child Moscow

Вика Крутая показала ребенку Москву The daughter of a famous Maestro went on a trip with the baby. Vika Krutaya has brought to Russia and walks with her in the main sights of the capital. Fans were pleased that a young mother introduced the successor to our country.

The daughter of the famous composer Igor Krutoy Victoria has been living in the United States along with her husband, restaurateur David Bercovich. A year and a half ago a young woman first became a mother. She gave her husband the charming daughter of Demi rose. Recently Victoria decided to fly to Moscow and took the baby. Now the successor of the famous names walking around the main sights of the capital and acquaints the child with relatives to it in places. Recently, the mother and daughter visited the red square. Victoria shared with fans snapshots that made while walking.

“Tourists together with the baby,” – wrote in the microblog Cool.

Judging by the happy face of a child, Demi rose is enjoying a stroll with mom through the city center. Fans were happy to see Victoria Cool in Russia. “Acquaint my daughter with Moscow,” “Beauty,” wrote the followers of the daughter of a famous Maestro.

The subscribers with interest the life of the young mother. Vic regularly exhibits pictures with her daughter and talks about what is happening with the baby. Before Demi rose is one year old Coolest try to make sure to face the child do not fall into the camera lens. Now it shows the daughter in the photos in the microblog. Fans affectionately look at each frame of a charming little girl. Daughter Vicki Steep forbids photographing it

Also, Victoria is striking fans the fact that she was able to quickly get back in shape after the baby is born. However, she did not get too carried away with diets and to exhaust itself with trainings. The heiress to the famous surname preferred to keep a feminine shape. Victoria took a little more than a week to easily put on jeans that she wore before pregnancy. A couple months later, as a young mother the doctors allowed physical exercise, Cool became to pay more attention to their figure, in order to obtain the desired shape. Victoria teases Cool candid shots