Alec Baldwin hospitalized

Алек Болдуин госпитализирован
The actor underwent a surgery.

Алек Болдуин госпитализирован

Alec Baldwin


59 –year-old Alec Baldwin was in the hospital: fortunately, we are not talking about emergency hospitalization.
The actor was placed in the hospital to conduct the necessary surgery to replace the femur
joint’s. This was reported by his wife and the mother of the children of Alec — Hilaria on his
a page in a social network.

Although it is
the state, forthcoming Baldwin, is not considered to be particularly dangerous, from
unpleasant surprises are not guaranteed one. So Hilaria, as a faithful
the wife was very nervous. Even before she wrote about what awaits her husband and
said that early in the morning she and the kids are going to be in the hospital, and
urged fans of the actor to pray for him and send him mentally better

It seems that prayer
fans helped. “Everything went well, and now Alec will go through restoration
period!”— already told you Hilary.  This
the comment she left under the photo, which captured how holds
her husband’s hand. As it became known, Hilaria was in the hospital all the time
Baldwin was in the operating room. And as soon as he came out of the ether, its
made in the house of her husband.

Recall that in the present
time Hilaria pregnant again. She’s pregnant with fourth child from Alec. With,
all three children , whom she is raising, yet very small. Daughter Carmen, the eldest
of them are now 4 years old, son of Rafael — 2 years, and the youngest, Leonardo, and yet
a year and a half! Curiously, the new pregnancy
Hilaria, which became known in November of 2017, was not accidental. Some time ago she
admitted that he would like another child. The only thing her little
Scarecrow is the probability that she gives birth to twins: prospect education
twins when there are three more very small children, its very confusing.
However, as it turned out, she was worried in vain. As it became known after
another ultrasound, Hilaria carrying one child. And, as the wife of
an actor is a boy.

Alec Baldwin with wife and children