VIDEO: Anastasia Tsvetaeva told, why son looks nothing like her

ВИДЕО: Анастасия Цветаева рассказала, почему сын на нее не похож
The actress shared why Kuzma took over the pit.

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The eldest son of Anastasia from first marriage Kuzma put
in stalled one of the teachers, the Israeli school, where he trained. Confusion and many questions have caused the appearance
Kuzi. About it the actress said Catherine Velichenko during the live broadcast

ВИДЕО: Анастасия Цветаева рассказала, почему сын на нее не похож

Anastasia Tsvetaeva and her husband Nadab

“My husband — Nadav — the burning brunette — said the actress. — I
nature blonde, but is dyed in a dark color. But Kuzma — eyed
blond. Once we got him to school, the teacher asked us to talk
alone with him. “I’m sorry,’ he said. — For the awkward question, but… Your son —
reception?”Fortunately, Kuzma in this conversation were not present, and we are still
long remembered the question of the teacher and laughed.”

Anastasia Tsvetaeva and her children

We will remind, actress and popular blogger for many years lived in
Israel, where he moved, married Nadab of Algana. The couple had a daughter
Esther, who is now five years. Due to the fact that Nadav — a native Israeli,
children know perfectly several languages. “We have a trilingual family. We
speak Russian, Hebrew and English. My husband was born in Israel, he is not
English speaking, I speak to him in English, and with children, he communicates in
Hebrew — shared Tsvetaeva. — My children speak Russian, they understand
speak both languages — Russian and Hebrew are native to the languages. Plus to that
the eldest son of 6 grade student in English school, so all of the languages he
the easiest way to communicate in English. Ie son. Kuzma I brought
in Israel at the age of 4 years and after about half a year or a year he started speaking in Hebrew.”