Widow Seeds Farad defended the sons

Вдова Семена Фарады встала на защиту сыновей Marina Vitalievna does not believe that Mikhail politseymako to blame for the death of his father. She stood up for him during the transfer “actually”. The actress spoke about who died in 2009, his wife and about relationships with children.
Вдова Семена Фарады встала на защиту сыновей

The widow of the famous artist Seeds Farad Maria V. and his son Mikhail politseymako remembered in the broadcast of “actually”, as their loved one fought for life the past years. In June 2000, the actor suffered a massive stroke, after which he was denied some parts of the body. Michael was then 24 years old, and he didn’t know what to do. After the incident, Semyon Lvovich had to re-learn to walk and talk. According to Michael, his father managed to restore the function of the legs.

“He started to walk slowly. But one day he was walking with a dog, Rick. She pushed him, he fell and broke his hip to stroke his leg,” – said politseymako.

After that, he had about four operations. According to farady’s son, they had other way to solve the issue, in particular, to send my father for treatment abroad.

Mikhail politseymako’s blaming herself for not found money for treatment of his father

Вдова Семена Фарады встала на защиту сыновей

Some friends turned away from Seeds Farad, when it began to hurt. Michael still blames himself for not being able to help a relative. Experts can’t understand one fact: some time after the death of his father at politseymako stole a safe which was 15 euros. The actor began to explain how difficult it got the money.

“My father could prolong life. If the musculoskeletal system is not working, he has bedsores. He had muscular dystrophy. Mom had been talking, but he didn’t do anything”, – said Mikhail.

Guest Elena Proklova admitted how much she loves family, Farad. She remembered how worked with Simon on the painting “Be my husband”. “I was always jealous of how he treated his family, how he used them to make money,” says the actress.

Вдова Семена Фарады встала на защиту сыновей

Widow Seeds Farad stood up for the son. Maria V. believes that he is not guilty before the father. “Then Misha had three children. In addition to medication I had to create another nest,” said the woman.

Maria Vitalevna recollects that without memory fell in love with Seeds Farad. She had an adult son George. Then the actor gave her the condition that he would marry, if she would bear him a son.

“Yura lives in South Africa. Mike I have always supported. Yura also support as you can”, – said the artist.

Experts believe that the eldest brother Michael didn’t give time to relatives. According to politseymako, they almost do not communicate with the jury.

“We have him no conflict. I care about my mom, because I was brought up. It seems to me that Jura could give mom more attention. It is not in the Finance business for attention. Medicine in South Africa is on the level. Can a mother with her bone disease on Skype to show the doctor,” said Michael.

At the end of the life of Michael compared with the fate of the Seeds Farad. The wife of the actor Larissa reported that their house is always open for guests. The woman allowed his son Michael from his first marriage to Nikita to live with them. He is now studying at drama school.

“Dad left in 2009, and Sonia appeared in 2010,” recalls Michael the birth of the youngest daughter.

They planned the child after the death of Semyon Lvovich, thinking I’d be a boy, like a grandfather. But they have a Dormouse which, of course, they could not be named after a famous actor.