Alanis Morissette gave birth to her second child

Аланис Мориссетт родила второго ребенка
The singer shared the first photo of his tiny daughter.

Аланис Мориссетт родила второго ребенка

Newborn daughter Alanis Morissette

That popular rock singer and actress Alanis Morissette, winner of seven Grammy awards and two nominations for “Golden globe”, has
more than two weeks ago gave birth to a second child, no one knew from strangers. About
this became known only after the 42-year-old Morissette has posted on Instagram the first photo
my baby, signing it: “Finally she’s with us — our Onyx SOLAS
Morrissett-Tregua!”. And put under it the date — June 23.

Alanis Morissette with her husband Mario and son Trabajemos Merom

That she is expecting a baby, Alanis announced in February, and found a very original way to announce it — laid out in his microblog animated video that told the whole story of your love from the very beginning, i.e. from the moment of reunion with her husband and the father of the Onyx rapper Mario Tredway. This video was created based on the songs of Alanis, written to her back in 2010, when she was expecting her first child — a son, to whom parents gave the name ever. And ended the clip with a scene in which the brother looks at the picture of his sister in the womb, taken with ultrasound. “Now old song for me has taken on a new meaning!” commented on your clip, Morrissett.

Alanis and Mario met back in October of 2009. And in may 2010 the lovers were married at his home in Los Angeles. And only seven months later was born their son ever. The singer then admitted that her pregnancy was not planned, but became for her a very pleasant surprise. Alanis admitted that ever since she became a mother, her priorities completely changed. If before all her thoughts were absorbed with the career, now to her first priority — her family.

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