Ева Мендес тайно вышла замуж за Райана Гослинга The actress decided on a marriage, losing a brother. Eva Mendes so secretive wedding, which even invited her guests did not realize for what reason they were collected. Growing up in a marriage two daughters, the eldest of whom was present at the celebration of the parents.

      Ева Мендес тайно вышла замуж за Райана Гослинга

      Famous Hollywood diva, burning babe Eva Mendes recently legalized relationship with the father of her two daughters, with actor Ryan Gosling. The wedding, which staged a beloved, it can be compared with a classified operation. And maybe that star got married so no one would have known if their celebration reporters do not accidentally let slip one of the closest friends of the couple.

      As it became known, the wedding was extremely quiet and modest – a total of thirty people invited, who still didn’t know what it was about Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling gave a reception in the backyard of his mansion in the Hollywood hills. Dedicated to the guests in details what is happening just before the bride and groom had to say the pledge of allegiance to each other.

      Congratulated Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling with the day of the wedding sister of the bride and groom and their eldest daughter, two-year-old Esmeralda. Younger heiress of the pair, Amanda was unable to attend the ceremony parents because of their age – the girl at the end of June was only two months.

      Eva Mendes and Gosling before the wedding was in a relationship for almost five years. According to the source, who told reporters about the secret wedding Mendes and Gosling, the actress made the decision as soon as possible to marry after the death of their mother the older brother, 53-year-old Carlos. Pregnant Eva Mendes is grieving for her brother

      Star was very upset by this loss which made her reflect on the transience of life.

      Recall, a close relative of Eva Mendez died in April of this year after a long struggle with a terrible disease – cancer of the throat. The tragic events coincided with the last weeks of pregnancy eve. Her brother was not April 17 of this year, and the second daughter of actress and her husband were born on the 29th of April.

      By the way, neither the actress nor her family did not inform the press about suffering loss. Eva Mendes, in principle, does not like attention to her private life. Paparazzi noticed Eva and her relatives at a memorial service in a Church in Glendale. It was only thanks to the fans of the actress to see what grief she had to face, waiting for the emergence of the baby born.

      In all of life’s difficulties Mendez supports her favorite Ryan Gosling. After the birth of their first child, the media was rumored that their relationship has any disorder, but they were able to overcome the crisis and are happy together.

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