Alain Vodonaevu shamed for candid photos

Алену Водонаеву пристыдили за откровенные фото Pictures naked TV presenter outraged Internet users. For the candid photos that Alain Vodonaeva depicted almost naked, the former star of “House-2”, harshly condemned.

Alain Vodonaeva became famous thanks to the project “Dom-2”, the girl carried on telestroke for almost three years. She was always candid in front of the camera than gained big popularity among the audience. After retiring from reality, Alain career TV presenter – she is educated as a journalist, before coming to Moscow he worked in his native Tyumen television.

In 2010 Vodonaeva got married to businessman Alexei Malakaeva and gave birth to a son Bogdan. Now she is happily married to musician Alexey Komov, known as DJ the Cosine.

Alena recently starred on the cover of men’s magazine, the pictures that went inside the publication, the media personality has published in his Instagram. Bold, candid photos, on which Alena nearly naked, caused a strong reaction of subscribers. Many followers Alena harshly condemned a woman, they shamed the mother of 7-year-old son. Fans believe that such behavior is unacceptable for an adult married woman.

“Damn, Alain, you have a son… And if he, his friends, his classmates will see it? How is it to be?” “Yes, the figure is perfect, but we can see in clothes, which show bare *** for everyone to see? You’re married! How do you respond to your husband? And if the child or see his friends at school as he’ll be embarrassed and ashamed. The horror, where are we heading?”, “I wouldn’t want to see that on my naked mom watching the whole country”, – was indignant Internet users.

However, among commentators there were those who supported Allen. Many believe that the leading son will grow up and be proud of his slender mother. “All is well! Admiration, you have a very beautiful figure! Ideal! I like the aesthetic of beauty was very nice. Myself I like to look at home, wearing beautiful lingerie”, “Umnichka! Don’t stop to admire a beautiful female body. If you have something to show, we need to show only live once…”, “Son sooner or later will see it and be proud of” – believe followers.

Alain Vodonaeva never ashamed of my body. TV presenter regularly puts on display photos in bold swimwear. Those publications provoked an ambiguous reaction of the audience, but Allen is not responding to the haters.